Teddy | Twelve Month Update

You guys, my baby boy is officially one! A year ago today, I was in a hospital room watching a marathon of Fixer Upper on television! I must admit, today is already much more enjoyable then being in labor for twenty hours!

We headed out for a little birthday photoshoot this morning to capture the special day. He was way more focused on checking out the vehicles passing by to smile!

Here’s our weekly pictures from the last month:

I am so glad that we captured these weekly pictures, but I’m also a little relieved they are over. For the last two-ish months, they have been a battle to keep Teddy still enough to capture a semi-cute shot. He wants to roll around and take off!

This has been a great month for our family. We’ve been keeping busy with kitchen renovations and went on our first family vacation. We cruised out of Galveston and visited Grand Cayman, Jamaica, and Cozumel. Teddy loved playing on the beach and splashing in the pool! He ate a ton of sand in Jamaica¬†and tried a ton of new foods, too.

Everywhere we went on the cruise Teddy made new friends. I’ve never felt more popular in my life. Haha. He was a really good traveler. Normally, he sleeps awful when we are away from home, but he totally loved his crib on the ship. He has been waking up once a night now between 2-4AM to nurse before going back to sleep. I’m not sure if he’s teething, going through a growth spurt, or if it’s a sleep regression, but I’ve just been getting up and dealing with it. I figure if it continues, we can do a little bit of sleep training in a few weeks!

Teddy is still nursing about four times a day! My original breastfeeding goal was six months and there was a time when I wasn’t sure if I’d make it that long! We stuck through it and now it’s just so easy that I’m in no hurry to stop. Weaning seems a bit difficult and stressful and totally more then I want to deal with right now. I’m hoping that he weans himself in the next six-ish months!

Teddy got his first haircut right before our cruise. I worried he would look like a big kid, but he totally looks like himself afterwards- just a little more handsome!

He still isn’t walking, but he’s a pro at cruising¬†around the furniture and has started standing independently the last few days. I think he could start walking later today if he wanted, but I am totally fine with him not! He’s fast enough just crawling!

I’m not sure of his height and weight (his 1 year check up is next week), but I think he’s grown a lot in the last month. He wears all 12 month clothes, although his footie pjs are getting a little tight. His jeans are all baggy around his waist, but we just deal.

At one year Teddy:

  • Loved playing in the water on the cruise. I think we will be going to the pool a lot this summer.
  • Enjoys watching Sesame Street. It’s really the only show that keeps his attention and we love it!
  • Waves all the time! I think he might have said “bye, bye” once!
  • Has recently became obsessed with his paci. I am not looking forward to breaking him of that habit.
  • Loves buttons of all kind- remote, toys, phone, etc. He just wants to push the buttons.
  • Can’t resist dancing when a catchy song comes on. It is so cute!
  • Loved the song/dance show on the cruise. He set there all fascinated watching and dancing.

Man, I am one lucky Mama!


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