Teddy | Thirteen Month Update

Teddy turned thirteen months old at the end of February and I can almost see him learning new things everyday! His world is growing and he’s constantly on the go- exploring and figuring out things constantly.

This month, he officially started walking. He still prefers to crawl (and he is quite fast), but he will take five or six steps when he is in the right mood. He hasn’t quite mastered his balance, but he’s getting closer everyday. In the mean time, I’m enjoying him being lower to the ground and a little less mobile.

This month, we traveled with my parents and Jamey to Oregon to visit my brother and his family. Teddy got to meet two of his cousins and had a great time. He loved Nathan (who is two and a half) and spent most of the weekend falling him around.

It’s so funny watching him with his cousins. He is obsessed with the three older ones and loves playing and watching them. We also have three younger babies in our family (holy baby boom!) and Teddy could care less about them. He might try to pull their hair (or rip their bows out), but he has zero interest in them otherwise.

At his last doctors appointment, Teddy weighed 20.8 pounds and was 31.5 inches tall. He’s still very skinny, but seems to be shooting up weekly. We’ve retired a lot of his pants because they are too short and are now dealing with baggy bottomsĀ again. I’ve learned to only buy pants with adjustable waistbands, but they can only do so much! He’s currently wearing 18 month pajamas, but 12 month everything else.

Teddy’s sleep schedule has been a little weird the last few weeks. He desperately wants to drop his second nap, but usually gets overtired in the evenings and ends up being restless. About half the time, he will sleep from 8PM-8AM with no wake ups. The rest of the time, he will wake up sometime in the early morning and cry until I nurse him. I’m still tweaking his schedule and hoping to get us back to sleeping all night- every night.

Speaking of crying, this kid can be quite sassy! This was taken a few days ago when I dared to take my lens cap away from him! He completely melted down. It’s sad and hilarious all at the same time. It’s hard being an adorable one year old with big emotions!

Teddy is on the go and I’ve learned I need to be ready for anything. In the last few days, he’s learned to open my camera bag, turn off the television, and OPEN THE DOOR TO THE MOVING TRACTOR. Thankfully, his Daddy had him strapped in and nothing bad happened, but holy cow. He’s earned a new nickname lately- Tornado Teddy! Every day he seems to discover a new way to find trouble and I feel like I’m just running from one mess to another.

At thirteen months Teddy:

  • Nurses three times a day.
  • Eats everything. His favorites include- mac & cheese, raisins, and applesauce pouches.
  • Loves being outside!
  • Is obsessed with Elmo and Sesame Street. I recently ordered him a bunch of Elmo books and now he carries them around and pretends to read! So cute!
  • Loves when I cheer for him after he walks!
  • Will seriously search out the remote. He’s like a little blood hound!
  • Is still paci obsessed. Ugh.
  • Has visited Texas, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oregon, Nevada, Grand Cayman, Mexico, and Jamaica.
  • Loves traveling! He’s beginning to be a pro at flying even!
  • Is a pro at making car noises. He’s even started yelling “choo choo” whenever the train passes the house! Cute!
  • Isn’t talking a lot, but babbles all the time. From time to time, Colby and I will think he’s actually saying something, but we aren’t making it official yet. This morning, it sure sounded like he said, “wow!”
  • Can understand a lot of words though! Especially, “what is that in your mouth?!” Nothing makes him take off crawling quite like that phrase! Haha.

A year ago, I thought holding a tiny newborn all hours of the day was hard work! Now that sounds very realigning… if only for a day or two!


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