Teddy | Sixteen Month Update

I’m late with this blog post (plus completely missed the fifteen month one) but Teddy is now sixteen months old!

It feels like Teddy has really grown and learned A LOT in the last two months. He is constantly on the go and a very physical little boy. He loves to run, climb and explore… especially outside.

Socially- he is a little charmer. He will smile and grin at any stranger. He babbles a lot, but isn’t speaking a ton of actual English just yet. We’ve heard the following words- “Dada/Daddy, bye, go, out, cat, dog, and up.” When I’m changing his diaper or doing something he doesn’t like, he dramatically will call out, “Oh gah!” I’ve since realized that I say that phrase a ton!

The little stinker finally started saying something that sounds like mama, but only on his own terms. I’ve been waiting on this day for so long and it was music to my ears. I know- soon enough he will say it all the time and drive me nuts!

In the last month, we have been keeping really busy while Colby worked long hours planting corn. Teddy and I visited a good friend in Utah. Conquering two full days of flying alone with a toddler felt like a serious #momwin. We had a great time on our trip, too!

Teddy typically sleeps from about 7:30PM to 7:00AM. His wake time has gotten earlier since day light savings time. He eats a big breakfast, lunch and dinner plus at least two snacks every day. I feel like I’m just feeding him constantly, plus he’s still nursing three times a day. On a normal day, he takes a two hour nap. After nap time, we head outside so he can run around the yard and play.

His favorite outside toys are his water table, wagon and lawn mower. When we are playing outside, he is obsessed with his Little People (especially the school bus) and another thing with wheels!

Teddy went with Colby to work several mornings during planting time. He would just sit in the buddy seat and watched as Colby planted. He is such a little farmer and is obsessed with anything machinery related. It is so sweet and funny!

At sixteen months old Teddy:

  • loves both Milo (our dog) and Cricket (our cat).
  • hates getting his diaper changed.
  • is learning how to unload the dishwasher and put things in the trash can.
  • loves bathtime.
  • is still obsessed with Sesame Street! We went to Sesame Street Live in April and it was a total hit. Magical!
  • wears all 18 month clothing and size five shoes. His footie pjs are starting to get short though.
  • loved being on the boat over Memorial Day weekend. Hopefully we will get to make many more trips to the lake!

Seriously, life lately has been so much fun!

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