Teddy | Fourteen Month Update

Teddy is fourteen months and eleven days old! The last month has been a huge one for him developmentally.

This is a kid on the go! He has completely perfected walking and is pretty good at running! He’s constantly on the go and recently learned to climb up the side of the couch. Basically, nothing is safe from the fast moving little tornado.

We spent most of the month at home- getting ready for Spring and settling into life after the kitchen remodel. Teddy and I have developed a nice routine on days that we are home. He wakes up at 8:30AM.  He nurses and we snuggle until 9 and then we have a giant breakfast. Afterwards, we watch Sesame Street and play. He likes to help me unload the dishwasher or start a load of laundry. Around noon, I make him lunch which is usually some kind of leftovers and a veggie. He takes his nap about 2PM and usually sleeps about ninety minutes. After nap time, he typically wakes up completely grumpy and needs his cup of water and a snack. We play some more after he eats and usually go outside. He likes to help me take the trash out, start the sprinkler, or just run around the back yard. He eats dinner around 6PM and then takes a bubble bath. Around 7PM, we start the bedtime routine which includes- lotion, a book (or two) and nursing. I put him down and he falls asleep on his own by 8PM and typically sleeps through the night.

Our days are very predictable but also allow for lots of playtime. Colby and I have taken a very laid back approach to baby proofing. We have a baby gate on the basement stairs and keep the bathroom doors shut at all times. Otherwise, I keep the cabinet under the sink baby proof and let him go wild.

He currently is obsessed with getting stuff out of the cabinets and carrying them around. His favorites are my cups, one of his plates, and the top of the juicer! Ha. I’ve caught him putting things in random drawers and cabinets. Last week, my mom found one of his socks stashed in her purse where he’d apparently hid it!

We’ve spent a lot of time outside this month. We got a random, crazy blizzard last week (yes, Oklahoma is weird) and Teddy wasn’t quite sure what to think of all that snow! He loves playing outside, digging in the mud and going to the park. Sometimes we got to work with Colby and Teddy is completely fascinated with all forms of machinery. He is completely fascinated with wheels of all kinds and always has to inspect them.

He is still a really big eater. His favorites lately are refried beans (really all Mexican food), cheese (his true love), and scrambled eggs. Like all toddlers, he has days where he eats ALL THE FOOD and others where he is much picker. Sometimes his appetite completely blows me away and I cannot even imagine what our grocery bill will be when he’s sixteen!

Poor Teddy had a bad cold that lasted about two weeks. His nose was so runny and he had a dry cough. Having a cranky baby is basically miserable, but we made it through and he’s back to his normal, happy self again.

At fourteen months Teddy:

  • Still nurses three times a day (although he has refused his morning nursing session twice in the last week. Self weaning perhaps?)
  • Makes really awesome train, car and truck noises.
  • Loves playing fetch with Milo.
  • Moves really fast! And is a pro at climbing.
  • Still loves his paci.
  • I think he’s talking a lot more then we realize. It’s just not very clear yet.
  • Will follow simple commands like, “go get your paci. Where is your cup? Want to go outside?”
  • Only watches Sesame Street. I want him to love Daniel Tiger but so far- he’s totally uninterested.
  • Loves his Little People school bus and is constantly trying to climb inside it.
  • Has the funniest fake laugh!

I can’t wait to see what the next month has in store for us!

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