January 25-30, 2016 | The last days before Baby T

I had originally planned on editing and posted these pictures last Sunday, but my water broke instead. I’m ready to start sharing Teddy’s daily pictures, but figured I better get these up first! We spent these days waiting on our little guy. I finally gave up and assumed I would be induced… Of course, that’s when my body decided to go into labor. Here’s the shots:

January 25: Playful. Milo seemed to be clueless that his life was about to change.


January 26: Watching Scandal. Because what else do you do when your super pregnant?


January 27: Plowing. Today, Colby had some farming to do. I brought him out dinner and made a few laps.


January 28: Terrors. Today, we had our last doctor’s appointment. Afterwards, we stayed the night with Mom & Dad.


January 29: Cooking-Out. Today, we waited around Mom & Dad’s- hoping I would go into labor. That didn’t happen, so we had a cook out instead.


January 30: Coloring. Today, we headed home so Colby could get some farming done. I spent my due date relaxing on the couch, coloring, and cleaning off the DVR.


And there it is… My final few days before officially becoming a Mom. From here on out, I predict most of my 365 pictures will be of a certain little cutie!

Teddy’s Nursery Reveal

When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately started browsing Pinterest and trying to figure out exactly how I should decorate the nursery. Colby and I have a love of traveling and adventure and that was originally the direction I decided to go. As time passed, the room soon included a lot of nautical elements.


We started out with an empty shell. There wasn’t even carpet in this room. It was a hot mess. In September, we hired a wonderful contractor to come in and retexture and paint while putting in new tile, trim, and doors. Starting with a blank slate was so very helpful.


As the pregnancy progressed, I picked up things here and there. I truly lucked out because nautical/adventure/travel is very popular right now. I found most of the decorations at Hobby Lobby and Target. The curtains, airplane mobile, and bookshelf are all from Wayfair. The letters on the wall are from Etsy and the rug is from RugsUSA. The quilt on the crib is from Pottery Barn and my sister had the blanket on the rocker recliner made.


The dresser is super special. It was originally Colby’s grandmas. It was a little bit 80’s style when I started, but a fresh coat of paint and new knobs made it a fun feature in the room. Plus, it holds a ton of clothes and works fabulously as a changing table.



My sister gave me the little boat shelf that is perfect for storing time little boats. It is so cute!


This is hands down my favorite room in the house. Milo also seems to enjoy it a lot and I often find him dragging his toys into the nursery. It’s amazing how each little element came together to create such a perfect little room for our sweet Teddy.


I am happy to report that Teddy’s room is proving to be quite useful. He has been sleeping in his Rock N Play in our room across the hall, but we change all his diapers and feed him in the nursery. It is so nice to have a center location for all his essentials. I’m a bit of a neat freak and I’m surprised by how easy it is to keep everything in the proper location.

Anyone else have a nursery they need to design? I would love to help!

He’s here! (Introducing Theodore James)

Last Sunday, I had a long “to-do” list that included writing a new blog post and editing pictures. I was officially one day past my due date and was planning on explaining how I felt like a ticking time bomb… ready to pop at any second.

Instead, I awoke at 3AM to my water breaking and we headed off to the hospital. For the first twelve hours, everything was going perfectly and my doctor expected we would have a baby by early evening. Unfortunately, my labor turned into quite the ordeal and lasted twenty-hours before ending in an emergency c-section.

It was all worth it when I heard his first cry…


Theodore James Thrall was born at 11:09 PM. He weighed 8 pounds & 14 ounces, and was twenty-one inches long. Immediately after he was born the doctor’s exclaimed, “wow- that’s a big baby!”

He was actually stuck in my birth canal and came out with a cone shaped head. I pushed for three hours and could have continued all night and my sweet baby boy wouldn’t have been delivered safely. I plan on writing out his full birth story soon, but I just want to note how incredibly thankful Colby and I are for modern medical care. Over the last several days, we’ve discussed just how close we were to a horrible outcome and how blessed we were to have access to wonderful doctors that we able to save both Teddy and I.


I am focusing on recovering and enjoying every bit of new parenthood. Colby has been the perfect husband and I am loving every second of watching him fall in love with our little Teddy. It’s the most amazing thing either one of us has experienced and we are amazed hourly by this kid.


Shawna - Awww!!! Thank you for sharing! I’m SO grateful everything went ok and that you were able get that guy out here into the world for me to adore! <3

He is perfection <3

January 18-24, 2016 | The daily grind

Another week has passed and we still are waiting on baby. In the mean time, I’ve been taking lots of daily pictures and capturing little moments in time.

January 18: Ashley & Kyle. My sister just got engaged and I managed to take her engagement pictures this week.


January 19: Popcorn. Today, I relaxed and had a bowl of popcorn while watching Netflix.


January 20: Harvest Prep. Today, I went with Colby and helped him get trucks ready for next harvest.

sm2016January20-changingoilLP9A0587January 21: Chatty Cathy. Sometimes Colby gets on the phone and gets the giggles. It makes me laugh.


January 22: Making Money. Today, I spent several hours rolling coins and watching Netflix. I joked with Colby that I was “making money.”


January 23: Playing Outside. Today, we enjoyed a beautiful 60 degree day. Milo had a ton of fun playing outside.


January 24: Dinner. Today, Colby and I made beef stew for dinner. It was delicious.


And that’s a wrap! I will be back soon… Maybe there will be baby pictures?

The Waiting Game

At 38 weeks 3 days pregnant, I can honestly say I am ready to meet this kid. His room is perfect, the house is clean, bags have been packed (and repacked), we are registered at the hospital, my camera battery is charged, I finished up my 2015 photo book and have backed up last year’s pictures… The “to-do” list that seemed ridiculously long a month ago is all checked off. Being a crazy organized, type A person has paid off. I am ready. 

It doesn’t help that I am officially to that really uncomfortable part of pregnancy where your entire body hurts. In the last week, I’ve started dealing with some pretty crazy swelling and my feet resemble tree trunks more often than not. It’s quite painful. Last week, I started having random contractions off and on, but they always seem to go away. They don’t hurt yet, but they do stress me out quite a bit considering I’m two hours away from the hospital and completely clueless as to what labor will actually feel like. At my last doctor’s appointment, my OB promised that I will know when it’s the real thing and that I will be able to make it to Amarillo without any problems. I sure hope he’s right.


It is so hard to be patient. I’ve waited a very long time for this baby and I am ready to hold him. Of course, I realize there is a lot of joy to be found in this season of life.

There is joy in savoring these last moments with my husband before we officially become parents. I know it’s going to be hectic and crazy, so I’m enjoying quiet dinners together. We’ve gone to the movies, ate out numerous times, watch every Thunder game on television, and last night just set in front of the fireplace in complete silence. We know it’s the calm before the storm and we are soaking up these precocious moments together.

There is joy in having nothing to do and just getting to rest. I’ve taken naps and watched a ridiculous amount of Netflix these last few weeks. I eat when I want and sleep when I want. Every evening, you can find me soaking in my giant bathtub. It’s my happy place and I take advantage of it.

There is joy in getting seven hours of sleep a night- even if I’m awake every two hours to pee. It may take me ten hours, but I’m getting plenty of rest.

There is joy in feeling my little boy kicking inside of me. I know I will miss my round belly and his kicks- even the ones that knock the breath out of me.

There is a huge amount of joy in carrying my child to term and having such a normal pregnancy. I know mother’s of premies that would do anything to make it this far. I feel silly complaining when every day means my little guy will be a bit chubbier and healthier.

There is joy in the waiting game… We will get to meet our little guy soon and it will be totally worth every second of waiting.

Kim Smith - Oh Marla, what a wonderful post! So very happy for you and Colby and am looking forward to your announcing that Baby T is here!! Blessings sweetie!