Teddy | Eight Week Update

As of yesterday, Teddy is officially eight weeks old. 

This week, we celebrated Easter and Teddy went to church for the first time. We were in Amarillo visiting my parents so it wasn’t our church, but he seemed to enjoy himself. Colby and I made a rookie mistake and actually forgot the diaper bag at the house. We had to rush back and get it and headed in to the service right as the first song was playing. Amazingly, Teddy stayed awake through the whole thing and didn’t fuss. He drank a bottle of pumped milk, stared at the lights and looked cute. 

The other big development this week is that Teddy’s sleeping habits have hopefully returned to normal after a growth spurt/ developental leap that left me completely exhausted. Two nights ago, he actually slept for seven and a half hours before waking up to eat. Afterwards, he went right back to sleep without hours of soothing. It was amazing. Last night, he woke up sooner but managed to go back to bed after I nursed him without a fight. I know there will still be bad nights, but it’s so nice to see better habits emerging. I may survive the newborn stage after all! Ha. 

Teddy is quite the little charmer when he isn’t hungry. When he decides it’s time to nurse, he often flies right into hangry mode. Otherwise, he’s usually happy and only gets fussy in the evenings before bed. 

On Friday, he has his two month check up and I will get his official weight and height. He will also get his first round of vaccinations. I’m not looking forward to that, but it will be a relief for him to start having a bit of protection against stuff like whooping cough. We have his Aunt Ashley’s wedding in a few weeks and he will be exposed to way more people (and germs) than normal. 

It’s time to put the little guy down for the night. Hopefully I didn’t jinx myself for bragging about his wonderful sleep! 

Teddy | Seven Week Update

My little guy doesn’t seem so little anymore. He’s officially seven weeks old and seems to change everyday. 
In the past few weeks, he has mastered smiling and cooing and stealing hearts. Teddy seems to be aware of everything around him these days. He likes to look at lights and Milo and Mommy with his giant blue eyes.

Unfortunately, he’s became a pro at fighting sleep. That’s made life a little more difficult. Last week, we had a few nights full of cluster feeding and hourly wake ups. Thankfully, he has settled back into his normal four or five hour stretch early in the night followed by a shorter stretch. We finally found a video monitor we liked and moved him into his own room. I am sleeping much better without hearing every little noise he makes. We still need to move him out of his rock n’ play and into his crib, but I’m working on one transition at a time.

Teddy loves long walks in his stroller, riding in the tractor, watching Milo, kicking his feet on the floor and going on road trips. Seriously, he’s happier when we are out and about and sleeps like a champ in his car seat. I’m a bit of a homebody typically, but I’m enjoying getting out more because it keeps my baby entertained and happy.

He is usually happy, but he’s still pretty unsure about baths and can’t stand to be even a little bit hungry. We are hoping he grows out of both of these problems. Ha.

I am settling into motherhood more and more everyday. I am learning to let go of the little stuff. I may not be caught up on picture editing and my house is a little more cluttered than usual, but Teddy takes priority right now. I did have the genius idea to download the WordPress ap to my phone this evening so that I can at least blog with a little more frequently.

 People tell you to treasure every second because it goes by too fast and I already know it’s true. The first days of his life already seen so foggy and I cannot imagine life without our little guy.

Teddy | Five Week Update

Time is flying by and I cannot seem to keep up. Our little guy is already five weeks old!


As of this morning, he weighs in at a hefty twelve pounds. Obviously, we have figured out breast feeding. It still isn’t my favorite thing in the world, but my boy is obviously thriving and growing.

Teddy’s world has exploded in the last few days. He’s suddenly so much more aware and has started cooing a lot and (finally) socially smiling! He looks around and watches the world so seriously. He loves going outside and has been on a couple of long walks in his stroller on nice days.


We had a rough night of sleep this week where his eyes refused to close, but he seems to back to his normal four or five hour stretches at night. He wakes up and I feed him, change his diaper, and then put him back in his Rock N’ Play awake where he falls asleep. He has also started to nap on his own during the day sometimes, which is how I’m managing to make this blog update.

He really is such a happy baby and is rarely fussy unless he’s hungry.

This weekend is Colby’s birthday and Teddy has reservations made at Nan’s house so we can go on our first date night without baby. We are all very excited!


At night, when I put Teddy down to sleep, I always tell him- “Mommy loves you, Daddy loves you, and Milo loves you. Everyone that’s ever met you loves you.” And it’s true. He’s such a lovable little guy and I’m so glad he’s ours.

Teddy | Three Week Update

My little guy is already three weeks old! I will be honest, we are basically living in a newborn fog around here. Colby has started back to work and I spend my days trying to keep the baby happy.

My photo editing is majorly backed up, but I have been taking daily pictures of our little guy. I’ve also decided to take a growth progression picture each Sunday. Here’s the last three weeks:




Teddy had his first check up last Wednesday and is already weighing 9 pounds and eight ounces. His doctor commented that he looks like a lot of two month olds that visit her office! I’m just glad (and a little proud) that he’s been gaining weight at all.

Breastfeeding hasn’t been the easiest or most natural experience for the two of us. Between my c-section, him needing bottles to keep his glucose levels up after birth, and him being such a big boy, things have been really tough. Teddy is a smart kid and learned quickly that a bottle is a much easier way to receive milk. He has gone through periods where he completely refuses to latch on, so I was spending two hours a day hooked up to my pump making sure he had breastmilk. Then I had to wash all the parts and still feed him. Exhausting!


On Thursday, I had finally had enough and decided that he was either going to latch on or we were going to switch to formula. Suddenly, it seemed to click for him (again) and we have been breastfeeding since. It can still be an adventure and sometimes he acts a little like a hangry goblin, but I’m hopeful that we will be able to keep it up without any more issues. If not, I’ve decided to let go of any Mommy Guilt over the breastmilk issue and just keep him fed. The amount of stress and anxiety I have had over feeding him is ridiculous and I’ve decided to not let it steal my happiness another day.


If I could go back and do one thing differently in the weeks leading up to Teddy’s birth, I would take a breastfeeding class. I realize now I know nothing about breastfeeding and really should have focused a little more energy figuring all of that out. Would that have fixed all of our problems? Probably not, but I think it could have helped.

At three weeks old, Teddy loves staring at his Mommy, being held by his Daddy, and stretching out on the floor. Most nights, he sleeps like a total champ, but likes to party all night randomly to keep his parents hopping. When I was pumping for him, he was eating between 26-32 ounces of milk a day! He loves riding in his carseat and has already been to Amarillo (twice), Clayton, and Dalhart. This week, we switched him to size 1 diapers and are slowing saying goodbye to all my favorite newborn outfits.


The days are so long, but the weeks are flying by. I cannot believe my baby is already three weeks old!

Teddy’s Birth Story

By the time my due date arrived, I had resigned myself to the fact that I wasn’t going to go into labor and would be induced in a few days. My doctor and I had even set a date. I spent the day relaxing- watching Scandal and coloring in my new adult coloring book. That evening, Colby worked late and I settled for a piece of leftover cheesecake for dinner.


I remember telling Colby as we went to bed at 11 PM that I felt a bit “funny,” but didn’t figure anything would happen because I was so sure I would be getting induced. It took me about an hour of tossing and turning, but about midnight I fell into a deep sleep. I woke up at 2:57 AM feeling like I needed to get up to go to the bathroom and was so annoyed. I had been sleeping really good! I rolled over and thought, “You have to be kidding me. I just peed myself. Seriously?” And then another little gush came out and I realized my water had probably broke.

I got up, confirmed my suspicions and then went to wake Colby up. His words, “are you sure?” I reassured him but told him that I was feeling no pain and didn’t think we were in a big hurry. It was hair washing day and I was taking a shower before we went anywhere. It took us about an hour and fifteen minutes, but I got cleaned up (including fixed hair and a full face of makeup) and Colby finished our packing. I was amazed at how calm he remained through the entire packing.

We live two hours from the hospital so I called ahead and told them we were coming in. As luck would have it, my doctor was actually on call all weekend and told the nurses to admit me as soon as we arrived. At about 5:30 AM we neared Amarillo and I called my mom. We needed to drop off Milo and pick up mine and Teddy’s hospital bags which we had left there the night before. By the time we arrived the entire house was awake. I decided I should probably eat something since I knew they wouldn’t let me have any food once I got to the hospital. Jamey, my thirteen year old sister, came into the kitchen as I was making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and was amazed. She later told my dad, “Dory is having a baby, but is just eating her a PB&J?!”

We arrived at the hospital around 6 AM, I got checked in, they started an IV, and did all the standard questioning. I was having a few contractions according to the monitors, but nothing painful. They decided to start me on a tiny amount of pitocin to get labor started. It worked like a charm, but unfortunately I was soon dealing with back labor. I dealt with the pain for several hours, but decided to get an epidural about 10 AM. The epidural was an answered prayer, but I really enjoyed the catheter. It was so nice to lie in bed and not have to worry about constantly needing to visit the bathroom! That’s the real joy of modern medicine! Ha.


My mom showed up soon after I got my epidural. We settled down to wait out labor and passed the time watching Fixer Upper. Luckily, they were having an all day marathon. I’m pretty sure we watched about twelve episodes before Teddy finally made his arrival.

My body actually did a really good job progressing and they used very little pitocin. Unfortunately, by late afternoon, I was about a seven and my epidural was wearing off on one entire side of my body. Seriously, I couldn’t feel one leg, but could wiggle the other all around. I have since read that this happens to a certain percentage of women and my the anesthesiologist mentioned it might have been caused by the swelling I was suffering from at this point in pregnancy. They came in, adjusted my medicine and gave me another epidural.


The second epidural seemed to work for a while, but I was soon noticing that one it was wearing off on one of my legs again. By about 7 PM, I was almost completely dilated, except for one “ridge.” That ridge would plague us for the rest of the day. They had me labor down for a while, which is basically just waiting to see if my body would finish dilating, but eventually we decided it was time to start pushing.

When I started pushing, I immediately realized I could feel a lot of pain. The nurses kept telling me it was just pressure, but before long I had even convinced them that another epidural wasn’t working. It was fairly horrible, but I kept pushing, because what other choice did I have a this point? I kept thinking that the harder I pushed, the sooner it would all be over and I would be able to meet my little boy. At this point, everything goes a little fuzzy. I was in a lot of pain and kept my eyes closed between most of the pushes. They soon started giving me oxygen. Colby would later admit that this was because Teddy’s heart rate would go down every time I pushed and then go back up when he put the oxygen on my face.

The nurse kept telling me we were getting closer and then would admit that we weren’t quite through the ridge yet. After about three hours I was completely exhausted and realized that I hadn’t made much progress despite what the nurse was telling me. I demanded to talk to my doctor. He soon entered the room and told me that I didn’t have to give up pushing, but he thought it was probably time for a c-section. I readily agreed as long as they promised they would be administering something other than an epidural for the surgery. I was a bit terrified of being able to feel them cut into my stomach!

After that, things went quite quickly as they got me prepped for surgery. I was still feeling contractions and the need to push up until the point that my spinal block was administered. I could have kissed the anesthesiologist by that point. It was such a relief to not be in pain anymore. Colby soon entered the room and before long, our baby boy was pulled out. It took him just a little bit to make noise. As soon as I heard his first cry, I started bawling. I was so relieved that he was going to be okay!


Colby managed to take pictures like a total rock star. Looking back, these images are absolutely priceless to me- especially since I was basically out of commission and a little bit loopy on pain medicine.

Theodore James was born at 11:09 PM. He weighed 8 pounds, 14 ounces, and was twenty-one inches long. Everyone agreed, he was absolutely perfect and totally worth the wait.





I got to hold Teddy a little later in the recovery room. Honestly, I don’t remember much about this time. I was exhausted and on some pretty good drugs. This is probably the worst picture of myself I have ever posted on the internet, but hey- it’s my little family of three!


The next several hours weren’t really enjoyable. Teddy had a low blood sugar when he was born and had to be monitored in the nursery. The nurses came in the room constantly to check on me. I demanded over and over to see my baby. No one got any rest at all and we were all too hyped up to see the baby.

If I’m being completely honest, I was a total pain in the butt. At one point, I told them I was going to walk to the nursery. The nurse told me I couldn’t and I exclaimed, “Look at me, I could dance if I wanted to,” while wiggling my feet around on the bed. The drugs made me very itchy and I refused to wear the oxygen thing in my nose. I literally pulled it out of my nose and tossed it aside. Oh well, I’m sure they probably deal with Momma Bear patients all the time who cannot wait to see their babies, right?

Luckily, I was eventually wheeled to the nursery to see him. I remember insisting I could walk and I was only about five hours post-op. Thankfully, everyone else knew better. By breakfast time, Teddy was allowed back in our room and I finally got to snuggle up to my perfect little baby.


Recovery hasn’t be a breeze. My body was basically put through both a vaginal birth and a c-section and I have had to deal with the after effects of both. My doctor explained that there was nothing we could have done differently that would have changed the outcome. Teddy was born with quite the cone head that proved just how hard I had pushed. Unfortunately, my pelvis wasn’t big enough for a baby of his size.

In the future, Colby and I have decided that I will probably skip right to a planned c-section since babies usually get bigger. I will be able to go into the hospital prepared and well rested. I will have the house ready for a major surgery recovery. I won’t have to ever push with a faulty epidural again. It sounds a bit blissful actually.

All in all, Teddy’s birth has taught me that no two birth stories are the same. I honestly never imagined I would need a c-section. Even ten hours into labor, things were looking great and we figured we would get to meet our little guy by dinner time. I am so very thankful that I was in a great hospital with a wonderful team of care providers that were looking out for our health. People like to preach about how natural is best and c-sections are overused, but honestly my baby and I would have died without that surgery. Thank God (and science) for c-sections and good healthcare!

Kim Smith - You are so right, that no two stories are the same…..even sisters from the same household. So glad you were able to deliver in the hospital and not on the side of the road like my friend did in 2014 (5th and final baby).

Thank you for posting your birth story and all of the photos. So beautiful!