I am completely and totally obsessed with infant sleep. It is currently 2:07 AM and I am nursing Teddy after he slept fifty-six minutes. I am so tired that I actually laid down on the floor next to his crib and fell asleep for a few minutes. 

In the last two weeks, my former champ sleeper has turned the entire family into a zombie. Colby is geering up to start planting corn and the timing for this sleep regression is really, really bad. My poor baby is chronically overtired and spends most of the day on the verge of crying. 

At this point, I have tried everything. I dropped $40 for the Merlin Magic suit which promised to solve all our problems. Yeah, that was a big waste of money. Teddy is shuffled between his crib, the swing and the rock n play every night. Unfortunately, my sweet son is completely incapable of self soothing and now requires my nipple to be in his mouth for him to fall asleep. It is so rough. And teaching him to self sooth? Apparently, that will be rougher. 

I know this is all just a phase and it will pass (please God) and I will be worried about something else soon. That’s Motherhood. But right now, my battle for sleep is all consuming and I’m so tired. 

Other facts- Teddy is officially thirteen weeks old and is no longer considered a newborn. He smiles and coos and is on the verge of laughing. He loves going outside and kicking his feet. He’s already so strong and likes to pretend to stand up. Every day, I film a little video of Teddy and have edited them together on my computer. Teddy loves watching this video of himself and coos and smiles at the baby on the screen. 

Developmentally, there is so much going on in his little head that it’s no surprise that he finds it difficult to shut off and rest. The world is a big place and a little boy sometimes needs lots of Mommy and Daddy. I know sometime in the future, I will look back at these long nights and smile. 

Plus, I can always wake him in sixteen years and ask for a glass of milk at 2AM. Revenge will be so sweet. 

The Cutest Little Wedding Guest 

We have had an exciting week around here! Teddy attended his Auntie Ashley’s wedding this weekend. He stayed in his first hotel, met a ton of family and charmed all the ladies. 

Luckily, we got a ton of rain (like 4-5 inches) last week and Colby was able to attend three days of wedding festivities with us. Teddy is so easy going and went with the flow. I was maid of honor and realized everything takes longer when you have a small child to care for! I was almost late twice and that never happens! 

The wedding was beautiful and so many great memories were made. It was the first time that all my siblings were together in over a year! It’s so nice and I truly wish it happened more often. 

Teddy is now twelve weeks old and learning new skills everyday. He’s started blowing bubbles, sticking out his tongue and last night he rolled from his back to belly twice. 

Since returning home from the wedding, we have moved Teddy to his crib instead of the rock n play. I unswaddled his arms after he rolled for safety reasons. Teddy has been waking up a ton more than normal and I spend half the night putting his paci back in and patting his back. I am confident that he will get used to the new sleeping arrangements soon! 

Colby is hoping to start corn planting early next week. This is always my least favorite time of year and I’m not looking forward to his longer hours. Add in a baby and it will be extra hard! Of course, I realize it has to be done and am going to try to keep a good attitude. 

I can’t believe my baby boy is going to be three months old in a few days. Time is just flying by and dragging at the same time.  

Behind the Name

When deciding what to name our baby, Colby and I wanted something classic, strong and not too popular. Furthermore, we both wanted something with a family connection.

I will admit that picking a name with my husband was a bit annoying. The man had zero suggestions. I would mention a name I liked and he would either give me a crazy look or tell me “it’s okay.”

Luckily, I wore him down when it came to Teddy’s name. Ha.


My biological father passed away in his sleep when my mom was pregnant with me. My mom was in the navy and they were living far away from home. His name was Mitch, but my mom called him Teddy almost exclusively. As fate would have it, I would learn all this AFTER after I decided Teddy Thrall would be the cutest name for a little toddler.

Twenty-five years later, I told my mom I like the name Theodore with a nickname of Teddy and she was delighted. When I told her I wanted to use the middle name James after my dad (her husband- the man who raised me), she was even more delighted. Theodore James has the perfect family connection.

A name meaning wasn’t of the upmost important when deciding what to name him, but Theodore means “gift of God,” which is basically perfect.

When we announced his name, everyone wanted to know what we would call him. That’s one of the awesome things about Teddy’s name- it lends itself to lots of nicknames. I plan on calling him Teddy for the rest of my life (ha), but I assume he will also probably go by Ted, TJ or even Theo when he’s older.

When it comes time to name kiddo #2, we will be starting from a completely blank slate. I know it will be especially hard to find a name I love as much as Theodore James!

Teddy | Ten Week Update

Somehow my baby boy is already seventy-four days old. 

He gets more awesome every single day. Teddy is a smiley guy who loves babbling while staring at the ceiling fan.  He also just started enjoying baths although he still cries after its time to get out. He loves to eat and would prefer to spend several hours a day catnapping while nursing. We’ve been working on naps on of my arms and have made progress this week.   
People are contantly asking how he sleeps at night. I am so happy to announce that he’s started sleeping through the night most nights or only waking up once. Being a parent is about two million times easier when you are getting a little sleep.  

Motherhood in 2016 is a funny thing. I’m a member of several Facebook groups and am continuously bombarded with baby information. Unfortunately, that means I realize my awesome sleeper will probably regress soon because of the four mouth sleep regression. Oh well, we will deal with that one night at a time. Maybe he will prove me wrong and just keep sleeping?! Please son, prove me wrong.  
I’ve started my photography business back up again. Last week, I had a session when Colby was plowing. Teddy joined his Daddy on the tractor for three hours while I worked. In those three hours, I called twice and sent numerous “status report” text messages. Colby is still making fun of me. It isn’t that I doubt Colby’s parenting ability at all. I just REALLY missed my boy and it felt weird to not have him around. I was super productive and managed to get a ton of editing done. 

And when the two loves of my life walked in the door, I was happy and relaxed and ready to great them with kisses… It felt like I had been on a relaxing vacation and it was just three hours of work! 

Motherhood is a funny thing.

Sarah Schultz - I absolutely love watching him grow, he’s such a sweet baby! For the record, my first had an AWFUL 4 month sleep regression and my 2nd’s wasn’t so bad. If you decide to/want to sleep train, feel free to call on me for help! Not all babies do, my niece never did!

Teddy | Eight Week Update

As of yesterday, Teddy is officially eight weeks old. 

This week, we celebrated Easter and Teddy went to church for the first time. We were in Amarillo visiting my parents so it wasn’t our church, but he seemed to enjoy himself. Colby and I made a rookie mistake and actually forgot the diaper bag at the house. We had to rush back and get it and headed in to the service right as the first song was playing. Amazingly, Teddy stayed awake through the whole thing and didn’t fuss. He drank a bottle of pumped milk, stared at the lights and looked cute. 

The other big development this week is that Teddy’s sleeping habits have hopefully returned to normal after a growth spurt/ developental leap that left me completely exhausted. Two nights ago, he actually slept for seven and a half hours before waking up to eat. Afterwards, he went right back to sleep without hours of soothing. It was amazing. Last night, he woke up sooner but managed to go back to bed after I nursed him without a fight. I know there will still be bad nights, but it’s so nice to see better habits emerging. I may survive the newborn stage after all! Ha. 

Teddy is quite the little charmer when he isn’t hungry. When he decides it’s time to nurse, he often flies right into hangry mode. Otherwise, he’s usually happy and only gets fussy in the evenings before bed. 

On Friday, he has his two month check up and I will get his official weight and height. He will also get his first round of vaccinations. I’m not looking forward to that, but it will be a relief for him to start having a bit of protection against stuff like whooping cough. We have his Aunt Ashley’s wedding in a few weeks and he will be exposed to way more people (and germs) than normal. 

It’s time to put the little guy down for the night. Hopefully I didn’t jinx myself for bragging about his wonderful sleep!