Halloween 2016

Poor Teddy is likely going to get the short end of the stick when it comes to Halloween celebrations. In the seven years Colby and I have been together, there has been exactly one Halloween where we weren’t in the field for harvest.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. This year, Teddy was the cutest little owl I’ve ever seen! We had a photo shoot on Halloween morning. I originally planned on his wearing his costume all day, but it ended up being 87 degrees and way too hot!


I love these pictures! I’m going to take advantage of every year of cute costumes I can get before he wants to be something scary!

Teddy | Nine Month Update

Teddy is officially nine months old today! It’s crazy to think that this giant, funny person was a tiny newborn just nine months ago. Here’s his weekly pictures from the last month:

sm2016october09-teddy-36weekslp9a6656sm2016october16-teddy-37weekslp9a6795sm2016october23-teddy-38weekslp9a6898sm2016october30-teddy-39weekslp9a6973These pictures have became quite the hassle to take in the last month. Every week, I seriously have one acceptable one where he’s almost looking and not rolling over and crawling away! Luckily for us, I’m stubborn enough to keep trying every week and am committed to finishing the year out! Ha.

If Teddy had to give you a recap of the last month, he would probably tell you his parents have totally lost their minds and decided to live in a tractor and combine! Harvest has been interesting! We have moments where we are all happy and rocking life, but others when Teddy is bored or extra tired, I feel like we are doing him a huge disservice. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend more then about four or five hours a day of harvest with a baby. Instead, we’ve been average about thirteen! As the days go by, I can tell that he just wants to get out, crawl, play and not be in a tiny space! Luckily, we are nearing the end and will hopefully be finished by this weekend.


One unexpected positive of harvest has been watching Teddy and Colby’s relationship grow! During the last few months, there were many days when Colby only got to spend a few minutes with Teddy. Now he spends hours a day on the combine with Daddy and loves it. His face lights up when he sees Colby and he reaches out to have him pick him up. They are my two favorite people in the world and I love watching them interact.

Teddy is thankfully back to nursing great most days. I’m so glad because pumping on the tractor was proving rather difficult. He now nurses four or five times a day and I think my supply is finally started to regulate. When I was pumping, I would easy stockpile eight to ten extra ounces a day for the freezer!

Overnight, Teddy figured out how to chew and has been eating like crazy! He’s always been a good eater but he’s really past all need of purees now. He loves sandwiches, all kinds of soup and ate an adult portion of green chili chicken enchiladas the other night! He gets so excited when it’s time to eat and squeals if I don’t feed him fast enough. When we eat at a table, he does quite well feeding himself, but most of our meals lately have been on the tailgate of a pickup!


Teddy is quite the talker, but so far he only says “Da-da-da-da.” I know the time will come when all he says is Mama, so I’m surviving! He is currently cutting two more teeth on the top for a total of six!

He is still a long, skinny guy. Last night, he wore 12 month Carter’s pjs for the first time, but he’s still in 6 month jeans for the most part. Unfortunately, they are getting too short while the next size up slides right off his booty.

Last week, Teddy gave me the best birthday present ever and started sleeping through the night. It’s been seven days, so I guess he’s officially night weaned! Last night, we got home early so he went to bed at 9PM. He woke up at 6, nursed and went back to sleep until 9AM. It’s amazing how much better I feel without waking up to feed him! Thank you sleep training!

I am so excited for the next three months! First, we get to celebrate Thanksgiving and then Christmas. In January, Colby and I will be taking Teddy on a cruise and he will turn one! I can’t wait!

Teddy’s Favorite Things | Eight Months

There are so many amazing baby products on the market these days! I remember when I was pregnant and making my baby registry, I was super overwhelmed about what I needed. Now that I’m eight months into motherhood, I thought it might be helpful to make a list of some of our favorite things!



Zipadee Zip Sleep Sac– We transitioned Teddy into the Zipadee Zip when he learned to roll over and could no longer be safely swaddled at night. It helped control his startle reflex. He recently grew out of the size small and we decided to go ahead and buy two size mediums because he loves his Zipadee so much! It’s a great sleep trigger for him and helps him to know it’s time to sleep. Plus, I don’t have to worry about him kicking off blankets at night and getting cold. I’ve read that they also discourage climbing out of cribs and hope to keep him in one until he outgrows them!

WubbaNub Infant Pacifier– Teddy isn’t one of those kids who uses a paci all day long. Basically, he only sucks on one during naps, in the car and when he first falls asleep. I love the WubbaNubs because they are cute and easy for him to put into his mouth. We have had the puppy, monkey and dino. Honestly, if they weren’t $14 each, we would probably have a whole bunch more of them because they are so stinking cute!



Sophie the Giraffe– One of my sweet friends got Teddy Sophie as a present and she’s one of his favorite things to chew on. She’s quite expensive for a teething toy, but he seems to love her!

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker– We had this toy for a couple of months now and it seems to be one that Teddy always returns to. He loves pushing the buttons. I love that it will transition as a walker when he learns to pull up better.

O Ball 1-Peice Rattle & Roll Car– Teddy loves this little car and all the other O Ball toys. He likes to shake it, chew on it, and throw it! I love the O Ball products because they are so easy for babies to hold on to and play with even from a young age.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo– This is, by far, Teddy’s favorite toy! He gets quite carried away squealing, laughing, and jumping! It’s my favorite because it keeps him safe and contained while I shower! Ha.


Little Blue Truck– This is one of my favorite of Teddy’s books and he seems to love it, too! The “beep, beep, beep,” noise is catchy and it has a sweet and obvious moral.

The Pout-Pout Fish– We love the Pout-Pout fish so much in our house that it has became a staple of our vocabulary. Colby will text me- “Do we have a pout-pout fish?” And I respond, “Nope, he’s a happy-happy fish.” This is a must have board book!

Dragons Love Tacos– This is my current favorite children’s book because it’s hilarious and involves tacos. Buy it, read it, laugh…



Carters & OshKosh- I would say that I buy 75% of Teddy’s clothes at Carters or OshKosh. I love that they often come in matching sets and fit my long, skinny kiddo perfectly. They always seem to have some kind of sell going on and everything is so stinking cute!. Teddy has slept in a Carter’s footie sleeper every single night of his life. I just love Carters!

Freshly Picked Moccasins– Y’all, I am obsessed with these baby shoes! They are pricey but so worth every penny! They are made in America, real leather and Teddy usually can’t figure out how to kick them off. They have soft soles and are good for the developing foot. These are the shoes I put on Teddy’s feet over and over! Last week, they had a sell and I ordered two more sizes in the next size up! Love!

I’m not making a penny off any of these recommendations and none of these companies know me (unfortunately). But if someone wants to send me some free baby stuff, we would be happy to try it!



Teddy | Eight Month Update

My tiny newborn is somehow already a giggling, crawling eight month old! That seems insane to me, but somehow the days just keep flying by. Teddy is such a happy, easy baby and we are so very blessed to have him in our lives. Here’s this month’s weekly pictures:



This month’s update is actually a few days late because we’ve been passing around a yucky virus. Teddy has been cutting his top two front teeth and ended up with a yucky cough and runny nose. He seems to have escaped the worst of it though and will hopefully be back to his normal self very soon.

Teddy figured out how to crawl this month and the world is now his to explore. When given the opportunity, his races right to my pump cords and the recliner plug in our living room. I think some baby proofing will be taking place in our house this month! It’s crazy how fast he’s becoming and has fascinated he is in little details- buttons, the carpet, leaves. Of course, he puts everything right in his mouth!


Teddy loves playing and will sit and play with his toys for thirty minutes. He really likes jumping in his bouncer. He blows bubbles, has started growling, and babbles all the time! He has also recently became a bit obsessed with my phone and the remote control. It’s like he knows they are more fun then his toys! I caught him and Milo playing tug with a dog toy earlier this week. That was ridiculously adorable!

Teddy has been on an extended nursing strike the last two weeks. During the day, he refuses to nurse. I’m not sure if it’s the congestion from his cold, teething, or the fact that he’d rather be looking around, but he just refuses. Thankfully, he still nurses at bedtime and when he wakes up at night. I decided a few months ago to nurse him as long as he wanted- hopefully weaning around eighteen months. This has been a big reminder that there are two people in our nursing relationship and that Teddy might be ready to quit before I am. Instead, I’ve been pumping three times a day and giving him bottles of my breastmilk. It’s not perfect and I’d rather not wash bottles, but it is working for now.


I’ve been mostly giving Teddy purees, but have started to give him more table food off my plate. He loves peaches with oatmeal, green beans, and carrots. He also really loves baked potato soup (who doesn’t?), rice, beans, and mashed potatoes. He’s getting better at chewing all the time and I’m not quite as nervous about him choking.

He currently weighs nineteen pounds and is twenty-seven inches long. He wears 6-9 month clothes and size four diapers. Teddy is currently too long for six month jeans, but too skinny for nine month jeans! Instead, we have been embracing the jogging pants and overalls! His hair has really changed a lot the last month! It is now VERY blonde and much thicker!


Teddy hasn’t started talking yet, but he did look over at Colby clear as day and say “da-da” once! He hasn’t done it again, but it was so cute! Of course, I’m ready for a sweet “mama,” but I’m sure he will say that soon enough!

We are getting ready for corn harvest. I’ve had a lot of anxiety about having an infant on harvest with us since the day I found out I was pregnant. It should be an adventure and will be challenging at times, but I really think Teddy will do fine. He is such a happy, easy going little guy that I think he will adapt like a pro! And if not, we will figure it out.

I can’t wait to see what month eight brings us!