270/365- 276/365

Hi everyone! I cannot believe another week has flown by. It’s okay because I’ve got it all captured with my camera.

270/365: Christmas Crafting. This year, I am trying to finish two felt stocking kits for Colby and I. When I started this project, I had no idea just how complicated they were! Luckily, I’m almost done with his and might actually get to use them this year! If not, there is always Christmas 2015!


271/365: Semi truck to the Pizza Hut? (iPhone 5S shot). The picture quality is pretty horrible, but the memory is hilarious. On Friday evening, we were busy taking semi’s to town so the mechanic could fix small problems before harvest. We had an unexpected break down and somehow all four of us ended up in the same truck. Things got even funnier when we realized both Patti and I were planning pizza for dinner. So we pretty much enjoyed a romantic double date at the Pizza Hut while cruising around town in a semi truck.

sm20140926-IMG_3421272/365: Up close & personal. Justice was a little obsessed with his new bone this week.


273/365: Blue Skies. Today, I helped Colby fix a sprinkler. We still have a couple running! I’m not sure harvest is ever going to get here!


274/365: Gavin Cole. Today, my little nephew visited me. He’s such a sweet baby and we had a great time playing.

sm120140929-LP9A8866gavin275/365: Brantley’s cake smash. Today, another nephew visited. This time, I shot Brantley’s cake smash. He had a fabulous time and really enjoyed making that giant mess!


276/365: Peace. I’m a professional sunset watcher. I absolutely love it. Our days are getting shorter and it’s amazing how much earlier I want to go to bed. I’m kinda loving it!


I will be back with more pictures next week! Thanks for stopping by.

Nurse Loves Farmer

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Sarah [NurseLovesFarmer.com] - I absolutely love the sprinkler shot and I can’t help but love sunsets too. They are happening earlier and earlier!

Mindi - Beautiful sunset photo!!! I love that smash cake too!!! What do you use for your set up? I would like to invest in some backdrops for winter smash cake sessions but have no idea where to start looking.

marlathrall - I use two Alien Bees and I got the background from Ink and Elm. I took a studio lighting class from Jessica Gwozdz that I would really recommend. I think the class is coming again soon to The Photographer Within. Hope that helps. ūüôā

The International Day of the Ag Producer

Today is the International Day of the Ag Producer! Every single day, somewhere in the United States and the rest of the world, farmers get up and goes to work to produce food for the rest of the world. Their hours are long, the work is tedious, and sometimes people can be incredibly uninformed and ungrateful.


Did you know? 

  • 97% of all farms are family owned.
  • Two times more food is produced by today’s farmer than their parents did using less land, energy, water and few emissions.
  • The average age of today’s farmer: 55.3 years.
  • 1 in 3 US farm acres are planted for export.
  • 15% of US corn acres are irrigated.
  • Today’s average corn yield per acre= 154.
  • 155 people are fed by a single American farmer.
  • 2/3 of all cattle operations have been in the same family for at least two generations.
  • 90 loaves of bread can be made from one bushel of wheat.
  • 8 tons of carbon dioxide are removed from the air by one acre of corn during a season.
  • 40% of the world’s corn is grown by US Farmers.
  • 21 millions American workers produce, process and sell the nation’s food and fiber.

Happy International Day of the Ag Producer! When you sit down tonight to eat your dinner, thank a farmer!

263/365- 269/365

Hi! Another week has already passed and I’ve captured it all with my camera.

263/365: Grilling. Tonight, my wonderful husband grilled our dinner. It was delicious.
264/365: Prepping for harvest. Today, we took this semi-truck into town to the mechanic. It was the first little step in prepping for harvest.
265/365: Chompers. This picture completely cracks me up! Colby was teasing Justice with a piece of paper. Justy was being very careful not to bite him.

266/365: New bed. Justice recently inherited this four poster bed that my Pop made. He’s still a little unsure of it, but it sure looks comfortable and cute.


267/365: Breakfast for dinner.¬†I just realized that I probably need to leave Colby alone for the next week since he was the focus of so many of my pictures. He’s always such a good sport!


268/365: Sunset. We’ve been having really awesome sunsets this week. I caught the last of this one.


269/365: Green grass. This week the weather has been perfect and I am hanging on to the very last of summer. I’m going to miss the green grass!


I will be back next week with another set of pictures and memories! Thank you for visiting!
Nurse Loves Farmer

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Mindi - Beautiful sunset!!! I will miss the green grass too.

Mindi - P.S. loving the blog!!

Alisha - The sunset and grass photo are my favorites this week!!

255/365- 261/365

Hi! Welcome to my brand new blog! I decided I needed a more personal space to post my daily pictures. I also hope to blog about farm life from time to time. Excuse any cob webs you might notice. Things are here are still very much in progress around here. 

Anyway, here are last week’s pictures!

255/365: Quesadilla Night. Tonight, I was on my own, so I made delicious quesadillas for dinner. Quick and easy!

sm120140911-LP9A8385quasadilla256/365: Cold day. Today, I helped Colby check sprinkers. It was 41 degrees, but it was drizzling and the windchill was only at 31 degrees. Of course, we had to get out in the gator and almost froze to death. As you can see, our corn is still quite green and several weeks away from harvest!


257/365: Headed to a wedding. (i-Phone 5S shot). Today, Colby and I got away from the farm¬†and we able to attend a beautiful wedding. We don’t clean up half bad!


258/365: Grammy. Today, we celebrated my Grammy’s birthday (a day late) with Mexican food. It was a nice evening.

sm120140914-LP9A8404grammy259/365: Deb & Lisa. Today, Colby’s Aunts were at the farm. They stayed busy cleaning out some old shields. These are hard working ladies.¬†sm120140915-LP9A8413deb&lisa260/365: ¬†Swathing feed. Colby was busy chopping feed down today.

sm120140916-LP9A8429swathing261/365: Baby wheat. Our little wheat is coming along quite nicely!


I will be back next week with more pictures! Thank you for visiting.

Nurse Loves Farmer

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Nicole - I love this, Marla! Makes me miss the farm like crazy but am proud of where I come from!

Sarah [NurseLovesFarmer.com] - Love the new blog and Colby’s aunts look like a lot of fun!

Alisha - Wonderful photos this week!! Love the tractor peeking out!

Meg - This is so neat to see! I really like the pic of you and Colby, and the last photo too!

Candice - Grammy looks like such a love!! Glad you had a fun night out. The corn is all dying here – makes me sad. I hate it when summer ends.