We aren’t cutting today, so I’m working really hard to get all my daily pictures from the last several weeks edited. One good thing about our harvest dragging on and on forever? I’ve captured a lot of awesome farming pictures. Hopefully, I won’t still be sharing corn harvest pictures in January!


I found this series today and decided I just had to share it. What a beautiful life we live!

Fall Colors

I took these pictures two weeks ago, right as we were really getting busy with harvest… That would be why I am just now posting them. This year, our first freeze was almost a month late and the leaves at the farm were incredible. There were so many shades of gold and green. It was truly beautiful and something I wish I would have had a little more time to photograph. It’s a good thing I caught it when I did, because last week we finally got our hard freeze and today they are covered in a couple of inches of snow!


We are very close to being done with the 2014 corn harvest… but this snow set up back a couple more days. If everything goes right, we should be done by midweek and I can start getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas! I am so very ready for the slower pace of winter…

Crunch Time

I am writing this while eating a quick bowl of cereal before we head out to the field. I figured since I won’t be staying up until two in the morning to edit pictures for my 365 post, I should probably provide a quick check in.

Harvest 2014 is finally in full swing. We’ve cut for 13 hours the last two days and plan on continuing until we are done or the weather forces us to slow down. While we’ve had pretty awesome harvest weather, the forecast is calling for snow in about eight days. We could probably be completely done in eleven. Hopefully, the weather men are wrong and we can get all the corn cut and in the bins. That would be the perfect solution. sm120141103-LP9A2096harvest

This is probably my favorite picture I’ve taken so far and I’ve been trying to decide if there is somewhere in my house I could have it blown up big and hung. I just love it so much! That is one really good thing about our super strange harvest- I am capturing so many good pictures… I’ve got about ten new favorites and some of them might be my best ever.

I have lots of things to say and tons of post ideas when on my on the tractor, but as soon as I sit down at my computer, they seem to all leave my brain. Oh well, it’s probably good because I need to leave.

Hopefully the next time I post it will be to announce that harvest 2014 is finished!

298/365- 304/365

Every week I am absolutely amazed when it comes time to edit my 365 pictures and type up this post. Time is passing so stinking fast. This week was another insane one- full of crazy work schedules and attempting to cut corn.

298/365: Mom’s Birthday. Today, I snuck away to Amarillo to surprise my mom for her birthday. We had a lovely dinner and cake at Grammy’s house to celebrate.

I wish this shot wasn’t so bright but the sometimes you’ve just got to deal with the sun. I could have taken them on the other side of the house in the shade, but I really wanted to capture these crazy wildflowers in the background.


299/365: John’s Senior Pictures. Today, I had the pleasure of photographing another senior. These are always my favorite sessions.smjohnsenior300/365: Back at it. After several days of being too wet, we got back at harvest and accomplished quite a bit in just a few hours.


301/365: Speed fill. Today was the first time that we had an entire harvest crew cutting- six semis, two combines, and two grain carts. Even with all those trucks, we still got a little behind. This is what you call a speed fill.


302/365: Another long day. This day went on forever! Seriously, it started at 8:30 AM and ended at 11:45. I was exhausted by the time bed time rolled around… but we got a ton accomplished.


303/365: Flirting- harvest style. You know how to really show the love to your wifey during harvest? Clean her tractor windows. She will love your forever then!


304/365: It’s my birthday! My sister-in-law, Patti, brought me a birthday cupcake from Amarillo. By some kind of miracle, we were too wet to cut and I got the entire day off. It was amazing! Colby spoiled me and life was grand.

sm120141029-LP9A1557awitl-wednesdayI will be back next week with more pictures! Well, I will if I’m not stuck on the grain cart.

291/365- 297/365

How is it already Friday again? Another crazy busy week has passed us by. They are going to slow down again someday right?

291/365: Chopping cobs. Today, we continued corn harvest and cut this extremely wet field. It was my first experience with wet corn and a very memorable day.


292/365: Fall Colors. Today, I had an amazing session with a beautiful senior. These are my favorite sessions. You can see more of my work at Blue Skies Photography.


293/365: Nosy boy. Justice doesn’t like spending time outside, but he doesn’t really want us out there without him either. On the evening, he wanted to help Colby grill dinner.


294/365: A day at home. Today, I edited pictures, caught up on chores and worked on Colby’s Christmas stocking. It was so nice to have a slower day at home after a busy week!


295/365: Moving home. Today, we enjoyed a productive day of cutting before moving the equipment back to the farm.


296/365: Naked 3. Today, my newest eyeshadow pallet arrived! I love the Urban Decay’s Naked line!


297/365: Before they fall. I am really enjoying the changing colors this week!


I will be back next week with more pictures!

Meg - Oh these are great! I especially love the second one of the senior portrait, and the very last one. And oh my gosh, your dog is cute! Lovely set! And I know what you mean about the weeks going so fast!! That makeup looks great too! I need some new stuff, and always good to hear what others are enjoying.

Alisha - So in love with your last shot. The color is amazing.

Sarah Schultz - I have always wanted to try Naked makeup! When did senior portraits become a “thing”?

marlathrall - I highly recommend all the Naked pallets. They are a little expensive, but they last for years!

We’ve been doing them him for years!! I think my mom had them made. 🙂

marlathrall - Thank you!

marlathrall - Thank you!