Four years

Four years ago today I walked through a church and vowed to love, honor and cherish my husband Colby. I was so nervous I was going to say the wrong vows in front of two hundred and fifty people or fall on my face right their on the stage. Luckily, neither happened and I’ve been enjoying the blessings of our marriage ever since.


Our life isn’t always perfect and we have been through some really hard things the last few years. Honestly, I am still shocked by how our relationship is always the solid when the rest of life is falling apart. Health and happiness isn’t always guaranteed, but I know that Colby will be there for me– just like he promised on that afternoon four years ago.


In the last four years we’ve cried, but we’ve laughed more. We’ve survived four wheat harvests and four corn harvests. We had one summer of ridiculous heat that sucked the life out of the entire farm. We’ve lost two special Grandfathers. We’ve attended more funerals than I can count and several weddings. We’ve been snowed in and vacationed on the beach. Together, we left the United States for the first time together- and then did it two more times. Together, we remodeled two bathrooms and planned many more house projects. We’ve enjoyed two glorious trips to Hawaii and several weekends in the mountains.

It really has been a wild adventure and we still have many more years in front of us…

Thank you for always being there for me, darling… I love you so very much.

346/365- 352/365

Hi everyone! I’m back for another week of sharing my daily pictures. I’ve ran into a bit of a problem; I seem to be obsessed with the bokeh shots. It gets dark so early and I’ve been spending a lot of time at home and it’s showing in my boring pictures. Oh well, at least I’m recognizing it and will try to add some variety next week!

346/365: Christmas nachos. Yes, I did take a picture of a plate of nachos in front of the dining room tree. I have no excuse for my craziness.


347/365: New ornaments. Today, my new Old World Christmas ornaments arrived. I collect a few new ones every year and have a great time picking them out. The Santa with baby Jesus is totally one of my new favorites.


348/365: Lights! Today, we spent the day shopping in Amarillo. I didn’t want to lug my camera around, so I had to use my iPhone to catch this pictures of Christmas lights. We love driving through one neighborhood that goes all out every year.


349/365: Krisa & Ozzy. Today, Colby and I spent the afternoon with our good friends Krisa and Ozzy. We even snuck in a little photoshoot.


350/365: Hanging out. My husband enjoying a funny conversation on the phone with a friend while I documented his weird way of sitting.


351/365: Chili. Today, it was cold so I made a big pot of chili.


352/365: Watching tv. On this evening, we had a laid back dinner (summer sausage, cheese, & crackers) and settled down for some nice television watching. I even got the tripod out to capture the event.


I will be back next week with more pictures! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Sarah Schultz - Absolutely love that you got the tripod out and also that you took a photo of nachos!

Alisha - Oh Marla, I love coming to look at your photos! Love the plate of nachos, and your Old World Christmas ornament is gorgeous!!

338/365- 345/365

Hi everyone! It’s been another busy week around here and I’m excited to be all caught up with my 365 pictures. It seems I’ve spent most of this week prepping for Christmas and it shows in my pictures!

338/365: Wrapping! Today, a large order of Amazon presents arrived and I immediately wrapped them while watching some girly television. It was the perfect way to make my tree look even more festive!


339/365: Smiles. A quick trip out of town and a fun visit to the casino makes for a happy husband.

sm120141204-LP9A3606casino340/365: Christmas pillows. I made these Christmas pillow covers and LOVE them.


341/365: Bedlam. My poor husband finally got to watch a football game this year… And his team ended up loosing in overtime.


342/365: One of my favorite ornaments. I just love this hot air balloon!


343/365: Photo book fun. Today, the photo book I made for my Grammy’s Christmas present arrived. (And no, she doesn’t check my blog so I can spill here. Ha.)


344/365: Christmas cards. Today, the Christmas cards arrived and I got to work stuff envelopes and addressing them all.


345/365: Farming. My husband is still busy with farm work and spent time this week working the ground- getting it ready for Spring planting.


I will be back next week with more pictures! Thanks for stopping by and chatting.

Sarah Schultz - Your photos are so beautiful! I wish we could be neighbours! Beautiful Christmas card and Grammy will LOVE that photobook!

Alisha - Totally love all your photos this week Marla (nthing new – they are always amazing) – I really love the Hot air balloon ornament. So pretty

324/365- 337/364

Hi! Another week has passed and I’m finally ready to get all caught up with my daily pictures. I’m warning you- there is a lot in this post!

324/365: Chopping cobs. This was another beautiful day of cutting corn.


325/365: It is over. Well, this was our last full day of harvest anyway. We were very excited to be done.


326/365: Jay. Today, I had another fabulous Senior session.


327/365: Cousins. I love my three little nephews so much. Today, we celebrated Sammy’s birthday a little early. It was nice to see so much family.


328/365: Working hard. Now that harvest is over, Colby is busy with paperwork and seed orders. It never seems to slow down around here.

sm120141123-LP9A3379colby329/365: Weirdo. This dog is always so silly. I love him.


330/365: Headed for the Rabbit Ear. Today, we enjoyed a dinner out with family.


331/365: New pick-up. Colby got a new pickup today, so I made him pose for a picture with it.


332/365: Thrall Thanksgiving. We always take a big group picture at Thanksgiving and almost forgot this year! Luckily, we remembered and we able to set it up with my flash.


333/365: Late birthday cake. Today, my family arrived at our house for Thanksgiving festivities and my Grammy brought me a super late birthday cake. It was delicious!


334/365: Thanksgiving- round two. Today, we hosted another Thanksgiving feast at our house. It turned out great and everything went off without a hitch.


335/365: Nap time! Today, everyone went home and Justice and I decided we both needed naps. I love family time, but boy can it be exhausting!


336/365: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I just love how you can see the lights from the tree flashing outside our house.


337/365: Christmas Crafting. Today, I spent the entire day making Christmas pillow covers. Isn’t this the cutest Christmas fabric ever?


Okay, I finally done with my giant picture dump! I will be back next week with more daily shots.

Kim Smith - Beautiful photos – love seeing your happy family and your farm. Justice is such a cutie, too!

RaD - Wow. That really didn’t seem like that long. Then again, I really like looking at everyone’s pictures, 🙂

Awesome job on the family picture. And I especially liked the silly picture of your pup.

Rj and Jessie - Your photos are so beautiful! Jealous!

Alisha - Another week of gorgeous photos Marla! That cake looks amazing!