January 8-15, 2015 | Daily Pictures

Hi everyone! I’m a little behind in posting due to being out of town and then feeling a little under the weather. It’s okay though, because I’ve kept shooting and will eventually get all caught up on posting.

January 8: Bowling.

sm120150108-LP9A4617bowlingJanuary 9: Orville the Great.

sm120150109-LP9A4635catJanuary 10: Simplicity.

sm120150110-LP9A4656berriesJanuary 11: Cat Tails.

sm120150111-LP9A4702cattailJanuary 12: Ornery. 

sm120150112-LP9A4733colbyJanuary 13: Rainy day.

sm120150113-LP9A4746debsyardJanuary 14: One Rose.

sm120150114-LP9A4761roseJanuary 15: Grill Master.

sm120150115-LP9A4797arizonaOkay- I will be back next week with more pictures!

Alisha - Stunning photos this week Marla! One Rose and Cat Tails are so beautiful.

Carrie - I love how you captured the fire in the grill master photo! And now I need to go bowling. Great pictures!

Heather - Great photos, I love how sharp they are!

January 1-7, 2015 | Daily Pictures

Happy New Year! Today, I am here to show the first seven pictures of my 2015 365 photography project. I’ve been taking daily pictures since June of 2010 and at this point, it just comes completely natural. Anyway, it’s time to share the pictures.

January 1:  Justice is feeling much better this week, thank goodness. He’s still requiring lots of attention and gets extra snuggles, but we are so glad he’s still with us.

sm120150101-LP9A4215justiceJanuary 2: Watching the storm arrive.

sm120150102-LP9A4236colbyJanuary 3: And the storm arrived… in a major way! We got eight beautiful inches of snow.

sm120150103-LP9A4252snowdayJanuary 4: Kymber. Today, I had a winter senior session with Kymber. It was awesome.

sm120150104-LP9A4477kymberJanuary 5: Warmth.

sm120150105-LP9A4570fireplaceJanuary 6: I love a good picture full of texture.

sm120150106-LP9A4579texture Pretty pink.

January 7: Pretty pink.


I will be back next week with more pictures!

Desirae - I am in love with your pictures! Love the one with the yellow bird. Great capture.

Carrie - I love snow! I hope we are blessed with at least 1 snow storm here, it always makes for great pictures! Your dog is adorable!

The Future Mrs. Vines - You take such beautiful photos. I aspire to do the same some day, but I’m going to spend a year committing to taking photos before I invest in a new camera. I look forward to seeing more of your posts this year!

Snow day

This morning, I was so very excited to awake to see light snowing falling. We had nowhere to go and nothing in particular to do, so we enjoyed a fabulous day of hanging out at home. We ate chili, watched a movie, and just relaxed. Of course, I headed out several different times to catch pictures of the beautiful moisture.

I not sure this bird went quite far enough South this winter!


Typically, our snow storms involve lots of wind and crazy blizzard like conditions. This snow, on the other hand, was even on the level and quite wet. Plus, it was super wet, too!

There is just something so fresh and clean about new snow.


Justice is feeling a lot better and eating again. He enjoyed a couple of trips outside to run around. He would make a really good snow dog, right?


This evening, I think I will try to convince Colby to light a fire in the fireplace and I might just read for a couple of hours. That would be the perfect ending to a delightful snow day…

360/365- 365/365

Happy New Year, everyone! Today, I will be posting the last of my 2014 365 pictures. Of course, I won’t be breaking my daily shooting habit and will be back next week with pictures from 2015.

359/365: Christmas jammies. Today, we got together with almost my entire family at my parent’s house. Little Gavin was the star of the show in his Christmas jammies.


360/365: Sick Justy. Today, we got to bring Justice home from the vet. He has chronic kidney failure and we will have to change his food and give him medicine in hopes to extend his life. He wasn’t feeling very good this day and really just wanted to sleep on his couch. It was so nice having him home.


361/365: Ticket to Ride. Today, Jamey, Colby and I played a super fun game of Ticket to Ride. Even better, I won by a landslide. Haha!


362/365: Coconut Cream Pie. Today, we had lunch with Patti & Travis to celebrate Christmas. Patti made an awesome coconut cream pie!


363/365: Roadtripping. Today, Colby and I took a quick road trip.


364/365: Homeward Bound. Today, we turned around and headed back home. It was snowing, so cold, and a bit nasty.


365/365: Happy New Year. Goodbye 2014. Hello 2015. We are so excited to see what you hold for us…


I will be back next week with more pictures!

Sarah Schultz - Happy New Year! Amazing photos!

353/365- 359/365

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones.

We’ve had a weird couple of days. Our dog, Justice, has been sick and we took him to the vet and found out his kidneys are failing. He was admitted and has been getting IV fluids ever since in hopes that fluids would restart his kidneys. At the same time, we have enjoyed Christmas with family and that was fabulous. It’s been hard to decide if I feel happy or heartbroken and worried over poor Justy. We should hear news on how he responded to treatment today and hopefully bring him home this evening.

Anyway, it’s time to share the week’s pictures:

353/365: New nutcracker. I collect a new nutcracker each Christmas. This year, this dude will be joining my collection.


354/365: Date night. Colby has been spending a lot of time this week working on business and tax stuff. We finally got a date night on Friday. We took a fun Christmas tree silhouette shot before leaving to the movies.


355/365: Sick boy. This was the day we started to catch on that Justice wasn’t feeling that good. He was extra clingy and whiney.


356/365: The heavens. We’ve been getting some beautiful sunsets lately.


357/365: Chicken and noodles. Today, I made chicken and noodles for the first time ever. They were the most delicious noodles I’ve ever had. I will be making these again and frequently!


358/365: Four years. Today was our forth wedding anniversary. We took or traditional picture in front of the tree. It makes me laugh. This was also the day before Justice was admitted for IV fluids.

sm120141223-LP9A3977forth anniversary

359/365: Christmas Eve. Today, we packed up and headed to my parent’s house. We made goodies and prepped enchiladas for our Christmas spread. It was a good evening.


I will be back next week with pictures of the last week of the year! For now, I’m going to start editing a huge stack of Christmas pictures!

Kim Smith - Beautiful photos – love your Nutcracker! I am happy that you and Colby got to focus on the Christmas preparations and gatherings, even though Justice spent his time in the vet hospital :(. Keeping him in my prayers!

Sarah Schultz - I’ve been thinking of you guys and Justice, I hope he’s better. Merry Christmas!

RaD - Awww…. sorry to here about your pup. I hope the news that comes back today is good.

Love the in front of the Christmas tree pic!

Stephanie - so sorry about your dog! Hope he gets better!

Rj and Jessie - Wow! Your photos are absolutely beautiful. So jealous!