January 26- February 4, 2015 | Daily Pictures

Hi everyone! This week has been so hard… I am so glad that it is almost over and that tomorrow is another day. Anyway, on to the pictures…

January 26: Post-Dinner. Sometimes you desperately need a beer after dinner right?

sm120150126-LP9A5351colbyJanuary 27: i-Browzing. I love how iPad light frames his face so perfectly.

sm120150127-LP9A5353colbyJanuary 28: Grilling. Today, the weather was nice enough that Colby took over dinner.

sm120150128-LP9A5383grillingJanuary 29: Justy. Our sweet boy wasn’t feeling very good today.

sm120150129-LP9A5390justiceJanuary 30: Stickers. Today, I played with my silhouette and made some cute labels for my planner.

sm120150130-LP9A5398silhouetteJanuary 31: Wildlife sighting. Today, Colby and I caught a view of a big herd of deer.

sm120150131-LP9A5410deerFebruary 1: Goodbye Sweet Boy. This is the last picture I took of Justice. The next morning, he was even weaker and we made the hard decision to say goodbye. We are heartbroken, but know we made the right decision for our dog and know we will see him again in heaven someday.

sm120150201-LP9A5453justiceFebruary 2: Crazy Cricket. I’m not sure she knows what to think about Justice’s sudden absence.

sm120150202-LP9A5459cricketFebruary 3: Charm Bracelet. I collect charms for my charm bracelet. My mom got me this “hope” one for my last birthday.

sm120150203-LP9A5473charmbracletFebruary 4: Winter Wheat. Today, it was cold and foggy. I liked the photography effect though.

sm120150204-LP9A5487farmfogHere’s to hoping that next week will be much better! Our hearts our hurting, but we know we gave Justice the best life possible and that he knew we loved him until the very end.

I will be back with more pictures next week!

Heather - I’m so sorry for your loss! Putting down a pet is a very tough decision, but I’m sure you made the right choice. Take care!

Kim Smith - Marla and Colby, you know I am so sorry for your loss, but thankful that Justice is no longer suffering. He did not want to leave you and tried to show you his love for you until it was time to go. Know that he’ll be watching over you from Heaven!

Much love and many hugs to you,

Sarah Schultz - So sorry for your loss, it’s so hard to say goodbye to our animals—they are family! Beautiful photos, he will not be forgotten!

Sarah Evans - I am so sorry for your loss! It’s so hard to say goodbye but our babies never really leave our hearts.

Project Life 2015 | Week Three

I’m still plugging along on my 2015 photo book- week by week and memory by memory. Today, I will be sharing week three.

Here’s the full spread:


Week of: January 12-18, 2015.

What happened this week: We traveled to Scottsdale for a little fun with family. We rented a great house, went to the botanical gardens, checked out Barrett Jackson and had a ton of fun!

blog-2015-1-week3-leftAnything special in this spread: I got to use some super cute road trip filler cards by Kristin Cronin-Barrow. I’ve had the kit since it was released and finally had the perfect use for it. I’m getting used to the white space and might be falling in love with this clean style!

blog-2015-1-week3-rightOverall thoughts: I’m still loving this project! It’s so nice to get the pictures off my computer where I can share them with family!

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January 16-25, 2015 | Daily Pictures

Hi! It’s Friday again and time for more daily pictures.

January 16: Desert Botanical Gardens. Today, we got to see a ton of deferent cactus! It was a fun little adventure.


January 17: Cousin time! Today, we walked everywhere. I didn’t carry my big camera, but I did catch this selfie with my cousin Mandy.

smmandy-1January 18: Headed home. Today, said goodbye to our rental, we left Scottsdale and headed home.

sm120150118-LP9A4881arizonaJanuary 19: Home. This boy was happy to be home. After twelve hours of driving, we were, too!

sm120150119-LP9A4887justiceJanuary 20: Felt v. Boise City. Today, Colby and I’s rival high school’s played each other in basketball. Luckily, my team won both games.


January 21: Photobook time! Today, my newest photo book from Blurb arrived. I will be blogging about it soon, but let’s just say, I am in love!

sm120150121-LP9A5130blurbbookJanuary 22: More snow! Today, we woke up to another six inches of snow. It was beautiful.

sm120150122-LP9A5182snowJanuary 23: Sick. Today, my poor husband came down with a yucky cold. He took a long afternoon nap.

sm120150123-LP9A5194colbyJanuary 24: Gavin’s First Birthday Party. Today, we celebrated my nephew’s birthday. He loved his cake!

sm120150124-LP9A5334gavins1stbirthdayJanuary 25: Stocking fun. Today, I started coming down the with dreaded cold. I spent a lot of time relaxing and working on my stocking project.

sm120150125-LP9A5341stockingI will be back next week with more pictures! Thanks for visiting!

Desert Botanical Gardens

We went to Scottsdale a couple of weeks ago to see the Barrette Jackson car sell. We also made a little time for sightseeing and visited the Desert Botanical Gardens.

smbotanicalgardens-1I had no idea there was so many different kinds of cactus! Everything in this garden was prickly and sharp. It was quite the challenge to resist touching.

smdesert2My favorites were either the super tall ones or the ones that sneaked along the ground like vines.


All in all, it was a neat place to visit and a good way to spend a couple of hours. Plus, it provided me with lots of unique photo opportunities!

Project Life 2015 | Week One

If you’ve hung around here for very long, you’ve probably noticed I’m a bit obsessed with pictures and capturing life. I’m also quite passionate about taking those pictures and making sure they are off my computer and printed in photo books. My photo books are one of my most treasured belongings and I love looking at them so much!

Anyway, through the year, I put my photo book pages together in Photoshop using digital scrapbooking elements and print them all together using Blurb. One of my goals this year is to show off my pages here on my blog week by week. I’ve tried this in the past, but always seem to stall out mid year. Hopefully, I will be better this year!

Here’s my full spread:


Week of: January 1-4, 2015.

What happened this week: We rung in the New Year quietly together and we were blessed with a beautiful snow storm.


Anything special in this spread: I am actually trying a simpler style this year with a lot of white space. I want the focus to be on my pictures and words. Hopefully, I don’t get too bored with that a few weeks in. If so, I can always adapt and pile on some extra elements.

blog-2015-1-week1-rightOverall thoughts: I’m so excited to get my first spread all figured out. Picking out fonts and figuring out shadows, etc always tricks me up for a few days, but I think I really like this spread!

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