Teddy | Twelve Month Update

You guys, my baby boy is officially one! A year ago today, I was in a hospital room watching a marathon of Fixer Upper on television! I must admit, today is already much more enjoyable then being in labor for twenty hours!

We headed out for a little birthday photoshoot this morning to capture the special day. He was way more focused on checking out the vehicles passing by to smile!

Here’s our weekly pictures from the last month:

I am so glad that we captured these weekly pictures, but I’m also a little relieved they are over. For the last two-ish months, they have been a battle to keep Teddy still enough to capture a semi-cute shot. He wants to roll around and take off!

This has been a great month for our family. We’ve been keeping busy with kitchen renovations and went on our first family vacation. We cruised out of Galveston and visited Grand Cayman, Jamaica, and Cozumel. Teddy loved playing on the beach and splashing in the pool! He ate a ton of sand in Jamaica and tried a ton of new foods, too.

Everywhere we went on the cruise Teddy made new friends. I’ve never felt more popular in my life. Haha. He was a really good traveler. Normally, he sleeps awful when we are away from home, but he totally loved his crib on the ship. He has been waking up once a night now between 2-4AM to nurse before going back to sleep. I’m not sure if he’s teething, going through a growth spurt, or if it’s a sleep regression, but I’ve just been getting up and dealing with it. I figure if it continues, we can do a little bit of sleep training in a few weeks!

Teddy is still nursing about four times a day! My original breastfeeding goal was six months and there was a time when I wasn’t sure if I’d make it that long! We stuck through it and now it’s just so easy that I’m in no hurry to stop. Weaning seems a bit difficult and stressful and totally more then I want to deal with right now. I’m hoping that he weans himself in the next six-ish months!

Teddy got his first haircut right before our cruise. I worried he would look like a big kid, but he totally looks like himself afterwards- just a little more handsome!

He still isn’t walking, but he’s a pro at cruising around the furniture and has started standing independently the last few days. I think he could start walking later today if he wanted, but I am totally fine with him not! He’s fast enough just crawling!

I’m not sure of his height and weight (his 1 year check up is next week), but I think he’s grown a lot in the last month. He wears all 12 month clothes, although his footie pjs are getting a little tight. His jeans are all baggy around his waist, but we just deal.

At one year Teddy:

  • Loved playing in the water on the cruise. I think we will be going to the pool a lot this summer.
  • Enjoys watching Sesame Street. It’s really the only show that keeps his attention and we love it!
  • Waves all the time! I think he might have said “bye, bye” once!
  • Has recently became obsessed with his paci. I am not looking forward to breaking him of that habit.
  • Loves buttons of all kind- remote, toys, phone, etc. He just wants to push the buttons.
  • Can’t resist dancing when a catchy song comes on. It is so cute!
  • Loved the song/dance show on the cruise. He set there all fascinated watching and dancing.

Man, I am one lucky Mama!


Currently | January 2017

One of my New Year’s goals (I’m not big on resolutions) was to blog more often. Obviously, I’m already failing at that since it’s over halfway through January with zero blog posts!

Oh well. I have already shot what is sure to be one of my favorite series of pictures for the entire year!


Grateful that we are leaving for vacation in less then a week! January has been such a crazy month for us and I need a little relaxation and a pina colada!

Reading The Last Kinda Words by Tom Piccirilli. I’m only about half way through but I’m hoping it speeds up soon or I won’t be recommending!

Loving cold brew coffee, editing old pictures, & the slightly slower winter pace on the farm.

Watching  Colby and I just started “Is O.J. Innocent? The Missing Evidence” on Information Discovery this week. It’s interesting and already is leaving me with so many questions!


Trying to survive a massive kitchen remodel. We are on day eight and I’m doing okay. Of course, that could change at any second especially if today’s work involves a jack hammer. Jack hammer days are always hard on the sanity!

Cooking absolutely nothing unless you count warming up a bagel. There are some benefits to not having a stove installed!

Ordering supplies for Teddy’s First Birthday party! I’m still in denial that he’s almost one, but that’s another blog post all together.

Obsessing over farm house sinks, the perfect backsplash, how to style a fireplace mantle, and basically everything design related to our new kitchen!


Enjoying working on my 2016 Project Life spreads. It helps that I was chosen to be on Becky Higgins digital Project Life Creative Team! It’s a pretty good gig!

Marveling at how fun almost one year olds are! Teddy loves being chased around and has the sweetest giggle right now.

Thankful that I set down and made time for this little blog post. I now feel like I’m rocking those 2017 goals!

Teddy | Eleven Month Update

While I could start this post by going on and on about how I absolutely cannot believe my baby is eleven months old, I’m just going to skip it. Time is passing faster than I want. Teddy is so big and we’ve had a fantastic month.

Here’s his weekly pictures from the last month:



Teddy has such a happy, little personality and is generally quite an easy baby. This last month he has been so focused on moving! He’s a super fast crawler, loves pulling up and walks around with his little walker like a pro. We went to visit my grandpa last week and Teddy borrowed his walker and used it to cruise around the room! I think he could start walking at any second, but I am in no real rush. Keeping track of him will be even harder once he takes off.

Being mobile has been a little hard on the kiddo’s head and had two bruises last week from falling. One of them went all the way across his cheek and ear! It looked so painful. He’s also busted his lip open and smashed his fingers a few times. I’m always surprised because he never seems to cry for long after he’s hurt himself.


He does cry (a lot) when it’s time to change his diaper or clothes. He hates sitting for diaper changes and it’s an exhausting battle to get him dressed. I keep a stash of fun stuff he can only play with during diaper changes, but it doesn’t always keep him from melting down.

We are on a really good sleep schedule these days. He goes to bed between 7-8PM and wakes up between 7-8AM. Sometimes he will wake up after about ten hours and nurse before falling back to sleep between Colby and I. We’ve traveled a lot this month and struggled to get him to sleep away from home. I’m not sure if he just hates his pack n’ play, doesn’t like Daddy’s snoring, or can smell me (ha!), but he is always restless when we share a room. This makes me a bit nervous for our upcoming cruise, but we have eight nights to hopefully figure it out!


Teddy loves eating. His favorites include cheese, beans, and waffles. He gets breakfast, lunch and dinner straight off my plate and then nurses four times a day. I am in no rush to quit breastfeeding, but I did donate all my frozen milk (about 350 ounces) and put away the bottles and my breast pump. In the perfect world, he would self wean in the next seven-ish months. If not, I will slowly start cutting back before next fall.

He wears size 12 month sleepers and tops, but is still in size nine month jeans! He has the skinniest booty I’ve ever seen! He wears size three diapers during the day and size four at night.


We had a fabulous Christmas and got to spend time with all our favorite people! Teddy received a ton of really fun toys and I’ve been on a mission to get our house organized and decluttered. I get like this every year after Christmas and it’s always nice to start the year off with a tidy home. Teddy’s toys and clothes have been my first big project and things are looking very nice!


At eleven months old Teddy:

  • loves being outside.
  • will be going on a cruise, flying and seeing the ocean for the first time this next month. I hope he loves every bit of it.
  • still doesn’t say “mama” but says “dada” and babbles a ton.
  • loves playing with tractors and trucks and carries a little matchbox car around all day.
  • is obsessed with turning on the bath water and flushing the toilet.
  • loves Milo and Cricket. We are currently dog sitting my mom’s pups and they are all obsessed with following him around!
  • needs his first haircut. I’ve refused, but it’s starting to look shaggy and hang over his eyes.
  • is such a Mama’s boy lately and cries if I leave him in a room alone. It’s sad and heartwarming all at the same time.
  • is such a little people watcher. He loves going out in public, smiling, and batting those big blue eyes at people. He makes friends wherever we go!

I guess it’s time for me to start planning a birthday party! It blows my mind, but man I am excited to see who this little man grows up to be!

A baby changes everything…

This year, Christmas is sneaking up on me in record speed. I looked at the calendar last Friday and realized it was probably time to finish up my shopping. I still have presents that haven’t arrived and had a marathon wrapping session last night.

I haven’t baked one thing. I actually picked up three packages of the really delicious Toll House break and bake cookies today. Easy is the goal!

I’m embracing minimalism this year when it comes to Christmas decor. We are about to start remodeling our kitchen and that combined with a tornado of a child convinced me to not even unpack all the decorations. Surprisingly, the tree is faring pretty well and we’ve only lost a few cheap ornaments.

Teddy is on the go- crawling and pulling up. He hits his head at least three times a day and could start walking any second. He’s on the go all. day. long. It’s exhausting.

sm2016december15-teddylp9a9236sm2016december15-teddylp9a9237Our house is full of joy and giggles and Sesame Street songs in the morning. I love every bit of it.

We are having so much fun.

Man, a baby truly changes everything- in the most wonderful of ways!

Teddy | Ten Month Update

Teddy officially turned ten months old this week! I’m just going to ignore the fact that his first birthday is rapidly approaching. I still feel like he’s a little newborn!

Here’s his weekly pictures from the last month:



I’ve figured out if we spin Teddy around and tickle him right after we put him on the blanket, he will be confused and dizzy enough not to crawl away for a few seconds! We like to be silly around here.

This month, we finished milo and corn harvest (finally)! I did the math and I think Teddy spent approximately two-hundred and fifty hours on the combine and grain cart this harvest! It was really hard, especially near the end where he wanted to stand up and crawl around. There just isn’t enough room to move in a tractor! We survived and I don’t plan on ever doing harvest full time with a baby tagging along again.

sm2016november14-teddylp9a7471Taking care of a baby on a tractor does give you some serious prospective once your done and have an entire hour to play and move and sleep. Life after harvest seems easy! Teddy is on the move constantly and loves to stand up and sit down. He loves playing with his giant pile of toys, but also is quite curious and constantly getting into something. The other day, he crawled into Milo’s crate and got stuck! He’s fascinated with the drawers on the tv stand and likes to play with his puppy.


Teddy is still sleeping through the night most nights, although he has had a few evenings recently where he struggled to go down after skipping a nap and getting over tired. Since daylight savings time, his morning wake up seems to be getting earlier and earlier. This last week, he woke up at 6:00AM all week. Most of the time, we were able to get him to nurse and go back to bed with us until 7:30 or 8:00AM. He still takes two naps a day and most are around an hour long.

He’s still an awesome eater. His favorite food is probably cheese, but he will chow down on basically anything I give him. He no longer wants me to feed him and prefers to pick food up himself. He did recently figure out how to suck the food out of a pouch, so I’m relying on them a lot more when we are on the go and need a healthy snack.


We had his nine month check up last week and he officially weighs 19 pounds and is 29.25 inches long. He’s a tall, skinny dude and I’m still having problems finding pants that fit both around the waist and lengthwise. We’ve moved him to twelve month pjs and are slowly moving into into twelve month shirts and pants. He wears size three moccasins and size three diapers.

I’ve been calling him my little tornado lately. He seems to always be on the move. He is capable of crawling, but seems to prefer to pull himself along by his arms- army crawl style. He’s very fast and loves exploring our house. I haven’t been brave enough to put up the Christmas decorations yet, but I know he’s going to enjoy looking at the lights and playing with the shatterproof balls!


Speaking of Christmas, Teddy met Santa two weeks ago for a special photo session in Amarillo. He shocked me by crying! He usually loves going to people, but Santa freaked him out! In general, the last couple of weeks he’s started crying a lot more when I leave the room and seems extra attached to me. It’s sweet but can also be quite exhausting!

I think the next month is going to be really exciting around here. I know Teddy is going to love the Christmas season and wouldn’t be surprised if he started walking! We shall see!