About Me


Hi! My name is Marla and I am married to a forth generation farmer named Colby. We live in the beautiful Oklahoma panhandle where we grow corn, wheat and alfalfa. Our lives may appear romantic, but in reality, it’s often stressful and involves lots of hard work.

Over the last several years, I have became more passionate about agriculture as I realized just how disconnected the general public is from their food and just how much misinformation is spread  about modern farming.

When I’m not helping Colby on the farm or driving the grain card during harvest, I’m a wedding and portrait photographer. I have been taking pictures since I was a pre-teen and photography is one of my true passions.

I picked up a little Canon Rebel in June of 2009 and nothing has been the same since. I carried that camera around day and night, learning as I went along. The next year, I began my first 365 Project. I took pictures every single day for a year. During that time, I experienced a great deal of growth and enjoyed documenting the life of my family. Needless to say, I continued taking that daily picture and recently passed my forth anniversary of the project.

Other things I enjoy and may talk about from time to time- digital scrapbooking, cooking and trying new recipies, spending time with family, wine, and traveling.

Settle in for a bit. I hope you enjoy my little place on the internet.

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