A baby changes everything…

This year, Christmas is sneaking up on me in record speed. I looked at the calendar last Friday and realized it was probably time to finish up my shopping. I still have presents that haven’t arrived and had a marathon wrapping session last night.

I haven’t baked one thing. I actually picked up three packages of the really delicious Toll House break and bake cookies today. Easy is the goal!

I’m embracing minimalism this year when it comes to Christmas decor. We are about to start remodeling our kitchen and that combined with a tornado of a child convinced me to not even unpack all the decorations. Surprisingly, the tree is faring pretty well and we’ve only lost a few cheap ornaments.

Teddy is on the go- crawling and pulling up. He hits his head at least three times a day and could start walking any second. He’s on the go all. day. long. It’s exhausting.

sm2016december15-teddylp9a9236sm2016december15-teddylp9a9237Our house is full of joy and giggles and Sesame Street songs in the morning. I love every bit of it.

We are having so much fun.

Man, a baby truly changes everything- in the most wonderful of ways!

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