263/365- 269/365

Hi! Another week has already passed and I’ve captured it all with my camera.

263/365: Grilling. Tonight, my wonderful husband grilled our dinner. It was delicious.
264/365: Prepping for harvest. Today, we took this semi-truck into town to the mechanic. It was the first little step in prepping for harvest.
265/365: Chompers. This picture completely cracks me up! Colby was teasing Justice with a piece of paper. Justy was being very careful not to bite him.

266/365: New bed. Justice recently inherited this four poster bed that my Pop made. He’s still a little unsure of it, but it sure looks comfortable and cute.


267/365: Breakfast for dinner. I just realized that I probably need to leave Colby alone for the next week since he was the focus of so many of my pictures. He’s always such a good sport!


268/365: Sunset. We’ve been having really awesome sunsets this week. I caught the last of this one.


269/365: Green grass. This week the weather has been perfect and I am hanging on to the very last of summer. I’m going to miss the green grass!


I will be back next week with another set of pictures and memories! Thank you for visiting!
Nurse Loves Farmer

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Mindi - Beautiful sunset!!! I will miss the green grass too.

Mindi - P.S. loving the blog!!

Alisha - The sunset and grass photo are my favorites this week!!

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