Teddy | Six Month Update

My baby boy is now officially six months old! The past six months have gone so fast, but I cannot seem to remember what I used to do before he was born! It feels like each day I get a little more used to motherhood and I am really loving this stage. Teddy is still very needy, but he plays on his own and naps for short stretches and is so happy. I miss having a tiny newborn, but if I’m honest- those days where much harder and so very stressful!

Here’s his last three weekly pictures:




Theodore’s personality has really started to shine this month. He is a happy, nosy little guy. He loves people watching and has yet to meet a stranger. Teddy loves to be on the go. Last week, we went on his first road trip and visited Colorado Springs. He smiled and laughed and charmed all the people we met. We took him to the zoo and he had a blast- although I’m not sure he really noticed the animals. Instead, he just hung out and watched people.

Teddy is still breastfeeding but he is very efficient and easily distracted. He typically nurses for three or four minutes every three hours. He also eats two meals a day- typically a fruit and a veggie. So far he’s tried- sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, carrots, prunes, peaches, avacado, apples, bananas, watermelon and oatmeal. When we go out to eat he happily munches off our plates and has tried rice, beans, pickles (ha!), and French fries. He’s a great eater!


He has two of the cutest little teeth already and I think he might be about to pop two more. He chews on everything and has been known to bite on my fingers. This morning, I cought him chewing on Milo’s foot!

He is pretty intent on learning to crawl, but hasn’t mastered sitting up yet. He is strong enough, but still quite wobbly. We’ve been practicing a lot the last week and I expect he will be sitting independently very soon!

(I’m exciting about all the new photo opportunities I will have once he’s sitting like a pro!)


Unfortunately, my baby boy isn’t a great sleeper and our nights have gotten worse this last month. He was only waking up once a night to nurse and then he started teething. He now wakes up every three hours and only sleeps next to me. It’s not my favorite thing, but we are all getting some sleep and it’s about survival right now. He generally takes three naps a day after being awake for two hours. His naps are generally 30-40 minutes long, but I have gotten a few longer naps out of him in the last week.


It has been a very fun month around here. We went to the lake again. Teddy watched the Forth of July fireworks and loved them. He went swimming with his cousins Samuel and Gavin. Jamey and I took him to watch Finding Dory and he seriously watched the entire movie without ever letting out a sound. Teddy loves to stay busy and I love seeing the world for the first time through his eyes! He makes life a lot more enjoyable!


Teddy | Five Month Update

My itty-bitty baby boy is somehow five months old!




I seriously feel like this kid changes every single day. The things he has learned in the last two weeks alone is mind boggling. He still has a chatty, bubbly personality and loves to take baths, roll over, and be outside. We’ve been busy with wheat harvest and he has adapted to riding on the grain cart like a total pro.


In the last two weeks, he finally learned how to nurse without the silly shield. This has revolutionized our breastfeeding experience. Instead of him nursing for twenty minutes hourly, he nurses for four minutes, lets out a huge burp, and then goes two or three hours before he wants to eat again. Teddy used to nurse on average for about three hours a day. Now we are down to forty-five minutes! Amazing!


Our sleep situation still isn’t perfect. On good nights, Teddy typically goes to bed about 8:30 and wakes up once around 3:30AM to nurse and then goes back to bed until 7AM. Unfortunately, we’ve been having a lot of really weird nights lately where he’s skipping the long stretch and waking up every three hours to eat. It’s exhausting and had me quite puzzled.

On Tuesday night, he fought sleep for an hour and a half and woke up every two hours. He was cranky all day and just a total mess. Finally, I felt around in his mouth and realized he had a little tooth! It’s a tiny little thing and I haven’t gotten a great picture yet, but it’s totally there. No wonder he’s been acting crazy and waking up so frequently!

Our nap situation has improved a little… He takes three naps a day and each one is exactly thirty-two minutes long! He actually naps in our bed. I put him in his sleep sack and he sucks on his paci until he falls asleep on his own, but I can set a timer on exactly how long he will sleep. He often wakes up a little cranky from his naps. I’m hoping that the length of his naps will improve on his own and he will learn to connect those sleep cycles with age.


Teddy has also started solid food this month. So far he’s tried squash, oatmeal cereal, and sweet potatoes. Tomorrow, I plan on introducing green beans. I’m not sure how much he actually swollows, but he seems to love enjoy eating so far.

I’m not sure who gave my kiddo permission to grow up, but it wasn’t me! I’m sure enjoying watch all his firsts and am so proud when he learns a new skill.

Outside Fun

These pictures are ten days old, but I have to share them! (I’m constantly running behind on editing).

sm2016June13-teddyLP9A1571Teddy absolutely loves hanging outside. I have this theory that babies are physically incapable of crying when they are outside. Teddy proves me right over and over again. Unfortunately, it’s been really hot lately, so we haven’t gotten a ton of outside playtime…


As you can tell, this kid was hamming it up for my camera!


You better believe there was some crazy squealing going on. Teddy is still super chatty and is learning to make crazy noises!

He makes every single day fun.

Typical Teddy

Sometimes, I capture pictures that just completely capture someone’s personality. Well, these shots are basically Teddy at four months.

He is obsessed with rolling over on his belly. He then squeals, coos, and talks until he gets tired and then fusses for me to flip him back over. I’ve caught him rolling belly to back on the video monitor in his crib, but he doesn’t ever do it during the day.


Speaking of his crib, he somehow manages to move all over it in the night… He rolls and kicks and moves his hands all about. These days, he is typically going to be around 8:30 and then sleeping until 3:30 when he eats for about twenty minutes before going back to bed until 7:30. It’s a very nice routine!

I always thought six month babies were the most fun, but I am really enjoying four months. Teddy is so expressive and smily right now and we are loving it. I’m so glad I have these pictures (plus hundreds thousands of others) to remember this stage in life!

Motherhood Truths

Theodore is now four months old which means I’m basically a professional at this parenthood thing. Not really. I am still faking it, but I do average at least six hours of sleep a night and my kid smiles at me, so I feel like an old pro some days. Over the last four months, I have realized so many things about being a Mom and loving my little boy.


1.) Clipping a newborns nails is basically the scariest thing in the world. Seriously. And you have to do it every three days because they grow so fast! My first grey hair will be because of Teddy’s fingernails.

2.) You might be terrified the first time you are left alone with your new baby. What if he won’t stop crying? What if you can’t take care of him? It’s okay. You will figure it out and it totally gets easier.

3.) Breastfeeding takes so much time. In the beginning, all I felt like I did was nurse Teddy. All day long and then most of the night! Just when I thought I had it figured out, he would go through a growth spurt and the constant nursing would continue! Thankfully, it gets so much easier. Until then, settle into a comfortable chair and watch some Netflix while your baby eats.


4.) You will experience a new dept of exhaustion. After a twenty hour labor and two nights of no sleep, Colby and I were half dead when we left the hospital. I was on strong pain pills that made me even more tired! Colby will admit it’s the most exhausted he’s ever been and he survived cancer and bailed hay for years. When you are that tired, everything is hard. Take it one day at a time and try to remember it doesn’t last for forever. One day, you will get a full night of sleep again and feel like a total rockstar.

5.) My hearing is super powerful now. If Teddy happens to turn over in his crib, I wake up. And he sleeps in his own room across the hall! It is the craziest thing! Somehow, fatherhood has made it where my sweet husband can sleep through a baby screaming in his ear though. Ha!

6.) Your husband might dare to ask you how the baby slept after a really rough night. Try not to kill him. You will want him around.

7.) When Teddy came into this world, I suddenly became okay with all forms of bodily fluids. Boogers? I pick them. Eye goo? No biggy. I actually once woke up and realized I had baby poo all over my arm and had no idea how many hours it had been there. Oh well.


8.) Watching Colby fall in love with Teddy has been one of the most special things. We made this adorable little boy together and are so happy he’s ours.

9.) I long for alone time to take a bubble bath or edit pictures. When I get that time, I miss my baby boy like crazy and check up on him constantly. It drives me nuts!

10.) You might find yourself celebrating and mourning every single milestone. Part of me is so proud of Teddy when he masters a new skill, while the other side just wants to pause time forever. It is going so fast.

What did you find surprising about motherhood? Has anyone else woke up with baby poo all over there arm? Just me? Ha.